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How Darwin Insults Your Mother

Page 49 Sex at Dawn – NY Times Bestseller

I felt it necessary to mention the source of what I’m about to write so that I’m not issued a #fatwa because of this blasphemic ridicule. So it is not me, but the Darwin who says that your ‘mother is a whore’.

So historically, it was man who insisted on sexual exclusivity of a female as this was his only way of assuring his paternity. And this is the gruding agreement at the heart of every human family.

Men offer goods and services in exchange for exclusive, consistent sexual access. Helen Fisher called it The Sex Contract. I dare to call it the solemn marital sexual contract. A contract that benefits both men, women and human reproduction.

So if a woman gets pregnant by a man who has no intention of helping her through pregnancy or guiding the child through high-risk early years, she is wasting her time, energy, and risks of pregnancy. According to sexual contract, the chances of a father less child surviving are bleak. So in the marriage market, a woman competes over males and select the one most likely to invest ‘male parental investment‘.

Conversely, if a man invests all his time, energy, and resources in a woman who’s doing nasty things behind his back, he’s at the risk of raising another man’s kids, a total loss of his purpose to get his own lineage.

Margo Wilson argues that men take a proprietary view of women’s sexuality. Men lay claim to particular women as a lion lays claim to his kill or as people lay claim to their valuables, defending it from other rivals. I’m not surprised if ‘Baby I love You’ is demystified, it will become ‘Baby I love you like a lion loves his kill.’

So Darwin says that women have evolved to unthinkably and unashamedly exchange sexual fidelity for access to a man’s wealth, protection, status, and other treasures likely to benefit her and her children. Darwin says, your mother is a whore. Simple as that.

Intimacy is a skill.

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