Sometime back I attended a workshop on ‘Body Rights’. In that session, the facilitator asked us to form pairs and play a 5 min ‘Body Mirror’ game. In that game, one participant in the pair becomes a body and the other participant becomes a mirror.
i) The body will do different movements without taking a pause.
ii) The mirror will mimic all the actions that the body is doing.

Playing that game was a life-changing experience for me. The movements that my body chose to do in those 5 minutes were profound. It took me by surprise. Since it was instant and movements have to change, my mind did not get time to script the movement. It was all spontaneous.

It was the first time my body spoke
These are the movements my body did in those 5 minutes:

The game made me realize that our bodies are a gathering place for so many anxieties, taboos, cultural and familial restrictions. Since beginning my body, a female body is controlled. It is not allowed to express its sexuality because of its corrupting impact on a woman’s virtue. If I flaunt my sexuality, my sensuality, my lustiness in a public space, I risk being called a whore. And this is precisely the reason, why many men I spoke to, shared that their wives feel inhibited about their bodies in the bedroom.

Time to play the game to know what your body feels.

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