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Postpartum Depression aka Motherhood Blues

I had a c-section when I gave birth to my son 6 years back. My mother and ex-husband were with me all night in the hospital, while my mother in law stayed at home. Post delivery, I could not feed my son as no milk squirted from my breasts. It was 10 PM in the night and the infant wailed out of hunger. All in the room remained unmoved as they thought it was normal for a newborn to cry. But my motherhood instincts felt different. I was distraught and asked my husband to bring honey and milk supplement.

My husband instead went to the doctor who told to keep the infant hungry or else he will not suckle milk from my breasts, an activity which will produce milk in my breasts. My husband returned empty-handed to the ward and offered me this explanation. Listening to this, I went hysterical at his and that doctor’s detachment.

“Get the milk. Get the honey”

I shouted. It was a 2-bed ward divided by a thin white nylon curtain. The other patient must have heard my screams. My husband tried to calm me down but I started sobbing. I had a 12-inch incision in my abdomen and was in a thumping pain. At that moment, the only weapon I had was my voice and my hands and I used them to the extreme. I screamed and threw all the steel utensils on the granite floor. I accused them

‘You all will kill my child. You don’t feed me nourishing food’.

My husband stood mum and my mother slapped me to shut me down. I still wish people are equipped to empathize with what a young mother goes through. In fact later I came to know that depression after c-section is not an out of blue experience, I had. It is normal and is experienced by many first time moms. I had some new moms speaking about it

Parna Das Basu

True that….not only then…now also people do not understand what a post partum depression is…even I went through this but had to self counsel myself….and I am talking about 2018

Pradnya Kaithwas

As a first time mother I went through that agony with not even mom around to understand. Really we need to educate ourselves more regarding this issue. 2nd baby was no problem. 1st time moms still have to go through this.

Pooja Priyamvada

I went through it too, had nobody by my side with a 15 days old infant and 13 stitches down there, some days I wanted to kill her on others kill myself, we survived

Pooja Vigg

Very well expressed. I wish so too wholeheartedly. I also did not know how to handle the situation and l also cried after my first delivery.

Pratyusha Biswas

I can completely understand… As I had a C-section n yes m not ashamed… Yes I had Postpartum depression n I have managed to come a long way… Thanks to my mom who was there rock solid for my kid..

Mansi Suri

My daughter is almost 2 years old now. I regret the fact that she is c sec child and I had to get my self inserted for delivery her. Even today I can and I sometimes do cry for the fact that my body is stitched now and I am struggling so hard and have to struggle hard to get back in shape. I have been known for! Am proud of myself for upbringing my child gracefully all alone post c sec and a very high depression and hatred feeling about myself because of that c sec.

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