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The Legacy Parents Leave Behind in Love

This picture was taken during my grandparents 25th anniversary party which included both family and friends. It was during the mid 80s.

Before they were married, it was my grandfather who was more liberal and my grandma in comparison, was very naive and conservative. One of the special things about their union was how they brought out the best in each other, my grandfather encouraging her to come out of her shell, and her softness showing him how to love and care about a person.

They were openly affectionate throughout their marriage, both in front of their children, and later their grandchildren. In fact, I have numerous memories of special occasions being sealed with a a glass of wine intertwined in each other’s hands, their first sips taken together, and a finale with a passionate kiss.
As you will notice, it makes a picture like this of them, timeless, romantic and quintessential to who they were—two people madly in love with each other.

Being with someone, especially for a long time, has so many ups and downs. The last thing you want to do is hide how you feel—I think they really believed that. They faced everything together, and loving each other made them invincible. They were never afraid to show us that.
I’ve always seen them as an example of a real life fairy-tale—it’s helped me set the bar high for myself. And even though they’re not physically around anymore, their love is immortalized because of memories like these.

Shanaya Tata

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