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Love Thrives in Craziness


A little bit of idiocy is so much important for love to thrive. Just let go of the apt behavior and become a #beast. I bet it will spice up your love for that moment. And you will not regret being monogamous much : ) Now what do you call an idiocy? Smearing birthday cake on face? Nah! Paragliding, River rafting? Booh!

Hitting your partner’s head with a beer bottle? Uh-hu! Unzipping your jacket in the central park, when you have wore nothing inside except a bra? Gee!

Yeah this comes closest to animal behavior 🙂 and this is where fun is.

I believe chivalry or politeness is the ultimate death knell for eroticism. I’m not saying we should do away with being polite to our partner or act uncivil like a stone age brute. But sometime, in fact most of the time axe that culture you are heavily indoctrinated in. Leave aside rules of moral, acceptable behavior and do something unacceptable, unthinkable! I will show you how.

So this morning I went for my morning jog along with my partner. It was 10:00 am and sun has risen full. I purportedly did not wear the t-shirt inside as I knew it will be warmer outside. On other days, we go to the park at about 7:00 am and post running a mile, we become sweat soaked. Then before doing stretches, we open our jackets and hang them on the pole.

Today I sheepishly asked my partner if I can open my jacket as it is getting too warm. He nodded not knowing that I’m not wearing anything inside. As I unzipped, he saw the cup of my blue bra and was stunned. I laughed and smirked.

Then again, he started showering on me, fallen dried flowers of Palash and Gulmohar. I too wanted to reciprocate his gesture and started looking for some twig. And then I sighted lying deep inside the green, coarse bush an empty beer bottle of Heineken. I picked it up and said I’m going to hit you with this and you have to dodge it. He accepted my challenge and I threw the bottle in his direction. In a flash he lunged and saved himself.

In the end, both of us giggled and returned home hand in hand feeling full of adventure and excitement.
Caution – My partner is NCC trained cadet and has practiced such moves in his two years of training. You can try out other relatively harmless manoeuvres.

Intimacy is a skill.

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