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A Tingling Coconut Oil Hair Massage

Coconut hair oil massage

During the few times, they met, chai, smokes, books, hugs, and conversations were exchanged. Which is when he mentioned his expertise in massage to her.

She was in need of one. So she reached his house at the scheduled time. After setting up the lady’s favorite track on YouTube, he hurried and returned with two bottles of Parachute coconut oil and a few swabs of cotton.

He started applying oil onto her scalp, parting her hair bit-by-bit. Gently and with the right amount of pressure he ran his fingers through her hair, pressing her scalp with his palms.

He gestured her to lean against his stomach. She did. He continued the same routine on the other side of her head.

She started to feel the heat. Worried that he will sense the desire, she felt in her body, she sat still. She closed her eyes and slightly squirmed on her chair. By now her juices were flowing.

Love making starts with a simple and gentle touch of care : )

-Sangeeta Goel

Intimacy is a skill.

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