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When I Clicked his Crotch


No no, I’m not that raunchy as you think of me. It’s my #playfulness coming to the fore. I try to do things that make no sense, no logic because they are sheer fun. It doesn’t matter to me the place, time, occasion, or people. All it matters is whether doing it makes me happy or not. So this morning, the partner perched on the inside ledge of our balcony, attending to an official call. His legs were wide apart as he tried to adjust on that narrow ledge.

I was lying on the bed trying to focus on a presentation for long but could not. I for one have a terrible difficulty working when I’m not alone in the house. The kid throwing tantrums, ma yelling at the kid and partner’s demands right from drafting an email, boiling eggs, bringing water, cooking soup and making love. See! How difficult it can go for a woman who already is restless at her core.

Nonetheless, my prying restless eyes caught the stance of the partner. Legs wide apart in V shape and crotch distinctly palpable even though covered with the black track pants that he wore. What a delectable, provocative sight!

A tiny sac of a gunny bag that seems to be filled with soft fluffy cotton. Protruding out like small head of a child peeping from the window grill. You can’t come out. Tells the mama culture. What a sight to behold! 

I pulled out my camera that was buried deep under the blanket and zoomed it in his crotch’s direction and clicked images. A bunch of clustered figs it appeared like in the picture as they came. Oh! And I always have found doing oral sex so detestable. Such an irony! I tell this to Shubha, the journalist interviewing me. I tell her that remembering this vivid experience will make me enjoy doing oral sex, the next time my partner demands it. Shubha is quiet apparently in disbelief and I tell her to make a point.

If you don’t believe it, I will send you the pictures of the crotch. How irresistible they’re, you will see.

Shubha was in splits! So ladies! If you dislike doing oral sex, visualize this beautiful image I happen to paint in my mind after 34 years of my life. You would certainly enjoy doing it the next time. For it is not just an organ, it’s a bag full of cabbage leaf you might love to eat. Smirk!

Intimacy is a skill.

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