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How a Servile Wife Expresses Her Sexual Urge or Disinclination

Wife sexual desire

Sometime back, I attended a HIV/ AIDS awareness workshop conducted by an NGO. The facilitator, dear James was invited from outside. James is in his early 50s and has done considerable work in rural pockets of Rajasthan where there is a high oppression of women.

James is a happy and cheerful man and being the two elder most participants in that workshop, we bonded well. The session went quite well and in the lunch break James happen to sit alongside me.

We talked and bonded over slices of peppy paneer pizza. Being an inquisitive, I nudged James to share some spicy sexual stories of women in those villages of Rajasthan. I told him that it always wondered me, how a purdah clad village woman behaves in her bedroom. James coyly smiled and said:

“No doubt! They are timid but they have a high sexual urge. In fact when their husbands could not have sex with them either because they are too tired of ploughing the paddy fields or because they get too drunk, their wives protest. And the way they protest is quite unusual. They knowingly add extra salt in the sabzi so it becomes uneatable. Or they would slam utensils on the floor to show their anger.”

James then said on a serious note that reverse also happens when the wife does not want to have sex but the husband insists. The reasons could be many like abuse, or his drinking habit or because he does not earn enough. So the wife again invents an excuse not to have sex that she has her menstrual periods.

“But you know what, these chaps are too smart. They will count the menstrual days up to 6 and nab their wives on 7th to have sex with them.”

Intimacy is a skill.

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