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When She Pleasured Her Body

Woman's Breasts

ā€œIā€™m penning this from the experience of my friend, who found that her body talks to her. Yes, our bodies talk to, only when we listen to it. She listened to her body through her hands, exploring it with patience, she gave her body all that was pure pleasure. She owned her pleasure!ā€

Today, I touched my flesh and I felt every curve, every inch, every cell of my body. I’ve never done that before, it was scary. But I had to it anyway.

I closed my eyes and felt my nose, it’s pointed. I never felt it.

My fingers went through my face to my lips, that everyone talks about. It’s so big. It’s so delicious. I want to eat it. I want to know how it feels. I want to consume it, ugh, but I can’t.

I come down. Neck. So many men have given me marks there and I wonder why. But now I know. My neck shapes to be a sexy pitcher that succumbs to every lip it can take. Bite me. Suck me. Go down.

Ah! The flesh. The bulk. The curve. The breast. The nipple. I have never felt them. Today I hold my ripe breasts in both my arms and felt how beautiful they were. They are shaped beautifully. Heavy. Big. But sexy. I squeeze them. Ah! I squeezed them again. Fuck. It feels so good to squeeze and to be squeezed. Now I know why men go crazy looking at them. I pinched my nipples, fuck. That tinge of spark that arouses from my now swollen clitoris – it’s magical how all these organs are related, just by hormones. I go down to my belly, damn, I’m fat. But LOOK AT THOSE CURVES. REALLY THO. Have to work out. But I touched every inch of my flesh, between my thighs, there it was.

The Glory Hole. There were flaps and I didn’t know! One. Two. Ah! So that’s where you put your dick in? How deep does it go? One finger in. Ah! Two fingers in. Ah! Three fingers? I dare not. But wait, I’m not turned on completely. I’m not wet. I use my other hand to rub my clitoris. Yes. Fuck yes. That’s the spot. Rub it. Keep rubbing. Keep rubbing. Fuck. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ah Aah!

So that’s an orgasm? I didn’t know. No one bothered to eat my vulva that long. But that’s my body. I explored it and I’m happy with it.

And I guess I don’t need anyone’s fingers, I can entice myself. My body is mine. I will own it. Please it. Protect it. And love it. I will only let you touch this glorious body IF I PLEASE TO.


Feel yours, and let me know. šŸ’ž

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