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After Sex Conversation: A Real Pillow Talk

After Sex Conversation

Sex is not just a part of our life, it is an ‘art’ of it if you love it. Having sex for pleasure is mundane and having sex out of pleasure is ‘bliss’. For pleasure means either one partner is in arousal while the other may be in perfect mood or may not but out of pleasure says both are in perfect arousal where such an act will add pep and the outcome will definitely be extraordinary. But paradoxically everyone differs in their pleasure seeking methods. It is important to have conversations around sex to know your partner better sexually, because men and women behave differently as lovers.

In this context, most of us are not aware of the post sex moments that nourishes the beautiful bond of love between couples and of course between a husband and wife.  Not every time a female wants herself satisfied physically, it is more her soul that she needs to get satisfied. Indeed it’s an art to be learnt. It all needs simple techniques like not withdrawing genitals immediately once the act is over; kissing  on  her eyes; caressing fingers on her back with soft touches; releasing her joints by pulling her fingers softly; hearing her patiently because she will be in a complete relaxation which may energise her soul to be frank and of course cajoling her with umpteen kisses all over her body. It is a win-win situation where both scores. I try to follow this every time and I see it as the most successful approach to deepen the sexual bond between a couple and wanting more. I fondly reminisce about an after sex conversation I had with my beloved 10 years back:

She : You know I got twice the orgasm

He: Wow seems that I proved it again..

She: Silly not that , it was my mood and my pleasure that decides..

He: Ok let’s be frank in exploring our best sides of sex…

She: Murmurs into the ears with a moan and kisses.

Truly this awareness to explore more about my beloved, came to me through from my grandma who insisted me right from my childhood about treating a woman and concentrating on her needs. A strong lady, she always told me about women’s freedom in the right perspective and how her services are predominant than a male and even a machine.

What I have found about the intimate needs of a woman

Women are quite different from men in their needs too, they prefer safety and their tastes are always with a touch of art. According to me, what all she asks for from her heart I try to fulfill it right from articles to even relationships. I can severe ties once if my partner dislikes someone if she feels it with a reason and in sex, it is her choice first that stands the foremost.

Every Saturday me and my partner meet, have chat, eat and spend wonderful nights. This is our routine and we expect it from Friday onwards. We take care of ourselves where ‘she’ look after my needs with the utmost care. But I understood after a long time that I’m not that much perfect in satisfying ‘her’ needs and of course sex too. One Saturday while we were on a stroll on the beaches, our topic casually turned towards sex and how a female wants it. She was quite brilliant in explaining the nuances in and out of it. She asked me what is sex, for which I was numb and said mere intercourse.

But she explained how and what it is; “You guys end sex once you ejaculate but it begins a fire in us which eventually stimulate all our senses from head to toe. We begin all our process once you finish, yes our body resounds with all the sperms that you filtered in us and fights for the best what we can offer this world.” For you, sex ends once you lose your sperm, but a legacy begins in us and we approach sex in such a way. ‘She’ explained more with apt points. I was stunned when she said

‘Have you seen a male moaning while in the act?’. This really made me crazy and virtually I hadn’t and further, she explained it with more details.

‘Sex for a woman is from her heart because she has to give the best from her to society and for a male, it is just a filtration of his urge.’

I was stunned to hear this as it has truth behind it.

Intimacy is a skill.

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