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Sexual Expression Through Dance

My Joyeeta

“Dancing with feet is one thing and dancing with the heart is another”, this quote is too close to my heart. Dance is the most beautiful way to express your unexpressed emotions. It’s not just elegant but also sensuous. Dance is the union of one’s body with their soul.

Expression of Sexuality through dance postures has been there from the past. The ancient temples with the beautiful architectures of God and Goddesses are always curved in the postures of dance termed, “trivanga”- tri means three and vanga means the bends of the body. The reason behind it is that the posture, “trivanga” beautifully portrays the various curves of one’s body. That’s where dance symbolizes the epitome of sexuality. The body of one’s is just like a temple irrespective of size and weight; everybody has beautiful unique curves. Dance helps one to express those curves by responding to the musical rhythms.

Nritya makes oneself feel complete irrespective of societal barriers. Dance beautifies one’s soul more than an ornament that beautifies only one’s body. Nritya empowers aesthetic experience and delivers emotional rasa so as to lift and transport the spectators unto the nuanced erotic paradigm created by the dancers through their movements.

Classical dance forms depict the beauty of the body through their various postures, a well rounded and proportionate body mass to the body structure and curvaceous hips. They depict the philosophy of Natyasastra, “‘Angikam bhuvanam yasya’-the body is your world, which is elaborated in the postures too. The connection between Spirituality and Sexuality is beautifully described by Sculptures and figurine in the ancient temples present all over the world, some present in South- India too. The sculptures of the divinities are always unclothed by the sari from the navel- representing the source of a union of the finite body with the infinite universe.

The Nightingale of India-Sarojini Naidu in her poem- “Indian Dancers” beautifully describes the no holds barred sexual gesture of dancers:

They have eyes ravished with rapture, celestial panting and passionate bosoms of flaming fire. Their charming smiles and entwining curves are like magical serpents with their lips of lustrous illustrations of opiate smile that can easily hypnotize anyone. They dance to the rhythm of the music swaying and swinging like the blossoms that bend to the breeze but all of a sudden wind like a flash. They are soft; they are tender but voluptuous, idols of sexuality yet languish in their radiance. They are complete amongst themselves, fearless passionate bosoms flaming with fire.

For me, Dance is always to express and never to impress- To express my emotions, my feelings. Dance helps me overcome all my hesitations and to speak my mind. It gives me the uttermost satisfaction of being an epitome of sexuality and portrays my urges through my mudras. It gives me a feeling of completeness irrespective of my size and shape. Dance breathes with me – glorifies the arts and refinement of atma-self. Nritya recreates me through the rhythms.

Nritya interprets the music to be integral and the body to be free to interpret and approach the erotic imaginations. Dance has the power to enthrall desires; sexuality and love transform them into forms that are appealing to the eyes of the audience and hypnotize them to the peak of imagination. A dancer is bolder and sensual than one can imagine them to be. She rules the mind and soul of the audience once they initiate a performance. Dance makes me self content and complete irrespective of the melanin content in my skin. Dance helps me gain confidence and more relevant and relatable to my own self-Joyee.

As a performer, it is always important to present yourself sensually to the audience which must be soothing to their eyes so that they can make out what one is trying to portray. It’s one of the toughest jobs to pertain the chiasmic aura of sensuality all throughout the performance. Mudras used during Nritya have been used for thousands of years in Hinduism and Buddhism to channelize the movement of energy in the body that initiates the physical enhancement and spiritual enrichment.

These mudras-seal/sign, create a sensible link between body and both conscious and unconscious mind. To talk about some of the mudras related to sensuality one of them is – “Kapitha Mudra which brings the connection in between the heart and the pelvis. This mudra helps in developing devotion towards one’s partner and practice of this leads to sexual healings that release the feeling of guilt and all absurd feelings about sexuality. Further, its practice stimulates libido that increases the sensitivity of the heart thus bringing unity of soul with one’s partner.

Dance for me is a significant part of my life that provides me my identity, respect for my body and my soul. The significant part of a classical dance form deals with sensuality where the mudras are the basic vocabulary. Dance for me is a bridge in between the gap of language where the information can be passed to the audience without any barriers. Classical dance lessons composers the dancer and through mudras and abhinayas (the art of expression) one is able to express one’s consent and the importance of it in freedom.

Intimacy is a skill.

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