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I Believe in Sexual expression and You should too

Kissing Couple

When Adam and Eve were born, nature had started its assignment of multiplying whatever that was in singles. Though this is just an epic, the very essence of it is true that which the world till now experiences. It is the physical act of sex for procreation. But sex is much more than a mere fusion of genitals and consequent ejaculation. It is a sensual exploration and a spiritual communion when the bodies melt and the souls unite.

Isn’t it ironic then, that immediately after having sex, lovers rush to wear their clothes instead of staying naked in each other’s embrace? The very nakedness that made possible the erotic communion is disdained at. Is it because nakedness is a vulnerable sexual expression which we cannot accept in consciousness? I believe sexual expression to be a continuum that rises like an oceanic tide and recedes slowly and gently like a sunset. Years ago, I had a chance of such wondrous, erotic experience of physical and spiritual union with her:

That was a wonderful Saturday with all the fervor for an enchanting night that might linger on and on in our memories. My partner was all set for that ‘special’ night and I was preparing myself for a heightened experience. The most common problem of yesteryears or in those days were we were in joint families where our sex life was in confinement due to many people around us , we cannot even see our naked bodies nor can we moan out of joy.. but one such Saturday it happened as there was no one else except us. We joined together and enjoyed lovemaking to the core. We were open to each other both physically and heartily. I saw her curves, her bulges, her secrets, her invigorating eyes and heard those script less languages she expressed what all she hadn’t all these years. She shunned her shyness where I saw her communicating new body languages and my arousal was in manifolds and it is needless to say that that night became the most special one for both of us which still lingers in our memories. She had the most ecstatic moans that night.

Sexual expression is so important, yet it is much poorly understood. We communicate every minute with people, nature, animals or at least to ourselves ..when we approach a doctor, we disclose our physical data and health; so to a lawyer we disclose our wealth et al.. above all, for all our wants we express our desires (however small) either vociferously or with absolute determination except ‘Sex’.. when it comes to sex we take a back seat in expressing it with aplomb. Thanks to our grannies and moms who nurtured our ladies into housewives with no voice and to play it subtle if it is their love and sex life. How can an emotion that touches almost the heavens could be expressed subtly?

Tantrika Jwala talked about one such uninhibited sexual expression in her memoir

Staying in Osho’s ashram in Poona was a unique and profound experience for me. I fondly recall a time in 1978 when I lived in a bamboo hut and the sounds of lovemaking filled the evening air from all directions. My spiritual master would suggest that if one is totally making love, the whole neighbourhood should hear.

During nature calls, we do express those urgencies with immediate response irrespective of circumstances but we don’t do our sexual expressions that too are natural and an urge of hormones . According to researchers, whatever emotion that which was not filtered in time will lead to clots and cysts and the results being positive for all mental illnesses. The need of the hour is, we need sessions like ‘how to express and what’s the importance of sexual expression.

Intimacy is a skill.

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