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Foot Fetish: Her Feet is the Heaven of my Sexual Desire

Foot Fetish

I couldn’t believe it was happening. I stood there in front of her house nervous and tentative. I asked myself for one last time. Do I want to do this? The past flashed like bookmarked pages of a book in my memory.

I don’t even remember how it all started. I had always been fascinated by feet. Beautiful feet with or without anklets, with or without nail polish,  in heels, in sandals – I loved them all. I didn’t know why. I just didn’t care. I loved to watch them. Growing up in a small town in the southernmost part of India where a boy and girl talking to each other will raise eyebrows, I had little hope that my fascination will ever be blessed with experience. In college, friends will talk about every part of a woman’s body – eyes, breasts, waist and even legs. But no one talked about feet. I had an apprehension that I had some wiring wrong somewhere. I am sure many during those times would have gone through it. Few years passed by and I started working in an IT firm and my life changed for the first time. The world of instant messages had just been unleashed and one of those evenings I found a chat room on feet. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I barged in and there were men and women talking about feet and trying to make contact. I wasn’t alone after all !!

That’s where I met Kathy. Something about her nickname attracted me. Had a bit of mystery about it. I chatted in the room for a while. I observed that she was silent for most of the chat. Then I gathered my courage and pinged her. She was responsive. We chatted for a couple of hours. She asked me about myself, my interests and my location. She was in New Jersey.  She traveled quite a bit but nothing was planned to INDIA in the near future. Being in IT I was sure that I will get a chance sooner than later. We started to talk daily. She would probe me every now and then on – what else other than feet? I didn’t have an answer for the simple reason that I didn’t know. For me, it was a way of life. Then came this trip to US. I was traveling to Virginia. New Jersey wasn’t close. But it wasn’t far either. I was determined to meet her. That’s how I ended up in front of her door that morning. It was a long weekend and I had started early to reach by 10 am. She was strict on time. I had noticed that from our chats. If she said 10 am, it had to be 10 am.

All this passed through my mind and suddenly I lifted my hands and rang the bell. I heard footsteps approaching and then the door opened. There she stood. She was a bit broader than what I had seen in the photographs. But she looked gorgeous. I wanted to look down at her feet. But I was so nervous that I could barely introduce myself. She led me in and asked me to sit on the sofa in the living room. She sat in front of me and smiled. She asked a few things and started talking to make me comfortable. I was trying to look down to see her feet. But my view was blocked by the coffee table. She noticed it I guess. She asked me if I wanted to see her feet. In between all my nervousness, I managed to say yes. She smiled again and said ok you can see and you can feel as well. But you got to obey me. I nodded.

She said strip!! My jaws dropped. Was this going too far? She repeated – you obey or you can leave right now. I started unbuttoning my shirt. She stood there watching me. I got out of my clothes and was standing in front of her in my briefs. She said – “I am waiting”. I dropped the last piece of clothing which I had and stood in front of her, my eyes fixed on the floor in front of me. She walked up to me. She said, “look into my eyes”. I looked up. She said -“be proud. You have dared to travel this far and offer yourself to a woman whom you have known only on the internet . You have it in you to pursue your dreams “: I felt good.

Then she went back to her seat. She motioned me to kneel In front of her. I knelt obediently. She removed her feet from the shoes she was wearing and I had the first sight of the lovely feet and toes. She asked me to kiss them. I couldn’t believe it and I showered her lovely toes and feet with kisses. The feet were beautiful, the fragrance of her natural sweat was mind-blowing and the moment was divine. I lost myself. I felt her hands on my neck and something was being put around my neck. I was being collared. She attached a leash to the collar and then told me – “ I am going to take you into a world of self-discovery. You have to trust me. I want you to push yourself to please me as much as possible. If you find something as a hard no-no say red and I will immediately stop. But once we stop we will never go beyond that step. So be sure when you say red “.I nodded my head vigorously. Little did I know my life was about to change a second time !!

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