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Sexual Wisdom For My Teenage Self

There are 1,30,000 rape and molestation cases pending in courts that are spread all across our country. On an average 30,000 weddings happen in India every day. The former route is not feasible, don’t even think about it. The latter is a path for those who want to manage high-end responsibilities, so forget that also. You have to live with the kind of deprivation you are in. Accept this in your mind, own this truth in your heart and play with it. Playing you know. Yeah right. Play with it.

If reaching the finish point of a maze is your goal, it is also important to not get distracted while being on your way. This applies to sex also. If ejaculating inside a fleshy warm hole is your ambition, bear through the psychological pain of finding that opening which openly invites you. It is okay to be desiring but in this chess of desire, the queen must also have a desirable king in her arena.

Better is to be desirable than only desiring. And there is a long hard road you have to walk on along with your frustrated junior. You and your little one will be together on this path but it is necessary to admire the journey. Why so? Because the time you’ll spend in thrusting will give pleasure for sure but it will be short-lived. Might as well be too short-lived in a case or two. On the other hand, what is going to stay with you is your mental makeup which takes years to develop. 

Around you are guys who are lying about their experiences which may or may not be real or have actually occurred. It is beyond my comprehension to digest that a working lady is inviting an eleventh grader to suck the stuff between her legs when her husband had gone out of the city. All this is gossip and useless. Comparison in private matters is not a fruitful idea if you’re planning to taste the forbidden fruit in your coming years. Also, keep our morals up to you because what is good or bad varies from person to person and changes with respect to circumstances. 

After reading plenty of books on evolutionary psychology and surfing through the visual encyclopaedia of porn websites, it is clear to me that the world gives conflicting theories. The reason behind multiple orgasms which a woman can experience is a question which xxx videos can’t give an answer to. Such videos can only show a woman making loud moans which more often than not are faker than their breasts. So leave this track of falseness and focus on evidence. On a side note, it is a reminder for you that the guys who break up, they expect different things from their partner than those who are in a constant shuffling of their roller coaster sexual meetings with fuck buddies. On both these extremes of long term relationships and short-lived ones, there is peace but you have to find your own peace by experimenting.

Benjamin Franklin was of the belief that the best way to turn your haters into friends is to ask them for favours. To say that women hate you would be an injustice. They simply put you in the ignorance department of their heads and hearts. Mister Franklin succeeded in having friendly bonds with his haters and you also shall do wonders if you ask women around you to teach you a thing or two. Ask them for book recommendations, tell them about the latest movie you watched and even discuss with them the dish you know how to cook efficiently. Anything that brings value to their life is a stepping stone in your journey.

Unlike guys who are forcefully pursuing, convincing and manipulating girls to touch their privates, you’ll learn how to make women comfortable. You’ll become a master in it. Trust is hard to achieve but it shall come with the practice of genuineness in your persona. Later you’ll know what happens when a woman who trusts you copes a feel of your magic wand of white leaky fluid. If she trusts you, you will thrust with her. Take my word on that.

Under a lot of influences you will come. Whether it is a television show depicting the encounters of a middle-aged widow with her tailor and plumber or the older guys in your neighbourhood who don’t have anything to do other than brag about their sexual powers. All of these influences will give you an unclear and unrealistic view about sex and the best strategy is to follow your direction with hope and condoms. Simple. And yeah, don’t indulge in sex just for the sake of telling stories to your friends because then you’ll also join the league of guys who signal their foolishness from their own mouth. A man becomes a man of honour when he is open enough to communicate and discreet enough to swallow secrets.

Before I forget, let me also grill this in your head that the sight and memory of poses and positions won’t make you more desirable. Know them for information but keep in mind that only sex teaches you sex, not reading books or watching videos. Live with your average height, ordinary looks but keep on expanding your skill sets. Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Let your dreams guide you out of your wet dreams and use your hand whenever you wish to do so. There won’t be fertility-related issues in the future. All those things you have heard from your school mates are big fat myths.

Whenever you’ll get the first caress from a woman, there will be shivering and sweating. Don’t worry and keep breathing, it too shall pass. Along with that will also pass the accumulated burden of discussing sex with your friends. I bet you won’t be in a mood to even decipher what happened during your first act of copulation. Spare my complex jargon. Sex will be fun but make sure to take it way slower than your computer’s processing speed and carry a condom, reminding you once again. You’ll cherish the burden of sexual inadequacy of these years when your first monsoon rain will be on top, below or next to a woman. 

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