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Kisses in Kamasutra You Should Explore

Hindu Gods Kissing

Up till now I only had a nominal knowledge of kiss; the one we do straight from the mouth to mouth; sometimes with mild variations such as biting and nibbling through teeth, and tonguing inside the mouth. The manner in which I and my lover(s) had sex was scripted, predictable and routine. Maybe this is all we have learned in Sidney Sheldon novels, sleazy Bollywood films, and porn. I remember I used to do special shopping for clothes, sandals, and danglers for my sunset sexual dates. Thinking, the frills and the frippery will make me irresistible and will make the man bend on his knees and ask for my solicitude. But the aura did not last long and both the time and jest of lovemaking fizzled out soon.

Coming to today; I have my sexual awakening and I’m now more rebellious; authentic and exploring than before. Someone truly said that “Sexuality is the ultimate frontier of personal development.” If one is not sexually expressive and enlightened; one has still not reached the lasting depths of orgasm, pleasure, and connection. Trust me; it is just the crust of apple pie you have scraped; you have not yet tasted the delicious filling. Don’t believe me?

Just yesterday I was reading Kamasutra; and stumbled upon the chapter of kissing. Vatsayana says that there are 64 kinds of kissing with a furthermore hundred variations and combinations according to local customs. I was amazed as I read through; I’m a big lover of kisses. For me kissing is as close to actual orgasm I can get. And yet I was unaware that there are rich forms of kisses. Looking back, I certainly would have tried one of these kisses with my passionate lover (s). D’oh! It’s never too late. Life is long; I’m youthful and there are flamboyant men around. In this list of  kisses; my favorite ones are 6 and 10; which one is yours : )

  1. Nimitaka: Kissing on lips without force. Here the woman doesn’t play a part in the kissing but merely allows her lover to make the move and letting her lips touched by his.
  2. Sfuritaka: Pressing against the lips and occasionally touching the cheeks.
  3. Ghattitaka: The woman holds the lips of the man within her own lips and with the tip of her tongue presses his lip
  4. Samachumbana: Equal Kiss – Staying face to face, kiss on her lips. Eyes touch her eyes.
  5. Thiryak: Supporting the right side of her head with his left hand, he kisses her lips while his right-hand caresses her breasts.
  6. Uddrandha: Here one partner comes from behind the other. Taking the chin and head, turn his/her head and kiss his/her lips.
  7. Avapeeditha: This is suckling the lips, i.e., pulling the woman’s lips into the man’s.
  8. Aakrishta: Simultaneously pressing her upper and lower lips with hands and kissing her lips without teeth-touching.
  9. Dhyutham (Gambling): Is a competition between the man and woman to take the other’s lips first in his/her mouth. Both compete to catch the other’s lips.
  10. Kapada-Dyuda (Cheating at the game) – When one of the partners surprise the other by taking his/her lips.
  11. Sama: Given on the joints of the thighs, the sides and chest
  12. Pidita: Given on the bosom, the cheeks and the navel (nabhimula)
  13. Ashchita (light touching): Given on the below the bosom and the armpits.
  14. Mrdu: It is a gentle or affectionate kiss. Given on the forehead and eyes by lightly touching them.
  15. Ragadipana: When the man is sleeping she kisses him to awaken from sleep and invite for a sexual union.
  16. Chalitaka: The woman kisses a man when he is busy with some work or is quarreling. It is done to divert his attention and bring normalcy.
  17. Pratibodhaka: When the man returns home late at night, he kisses the sleeping spouse to convey his love.
  18. Chhaya-chumbana : Kissing at a glass, stagnant water that has the reflection of beloved.
  19. Sankranta: Kissing a child, a painting or an image when the man or woman could not directly do it with one that has attracted. It is an indirect way of conveying love.
  20. Uruchumbana: Kissing on legs while massaging the man is done to arouse sexual passion.
  21. Jihvapravesa – It is rubbing the tongue lengthily over the other’s teeth and palate.
  22. Udabhranta – When one of the partners turns up the face of the other by holding the head and the chin, and then kisses.
  23. Uttara – The man sucks gently on his woman’s top lip, while she kisses his lower lip.
  24. Samputaka – The cupping kiss. The man with both his lips grasps those of his woman and kisses her.
  25. Uru – The most subtle of all and a kiss in disguise. One of the lovers kisses the other by some excuse without letting her or him know that she or he has been kissed.
  26. Vighatita – Here the man pulls the lips of his woman with his fingers and simultaneously presses it with the tip of his tongue.
  27. Bhranta – When a woman’s back faces a man, and he, with his hands on her chin turns her face round towards his own and when they both kiss. Here the lover is approaching the beloved from an oblique position.

Do try one of these tonight with your lover and let me know 🙂

Intimacy is a skill.

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