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Know your man’s body!

Armpit Hair is Sexy

If it is true that Indian men do not know much about Indian women’s bodies, it is equally the case that Indian women know close to nothing about men’s bodies. If most of the Indian men I have interviewed over three decades now do not know what a clitoris is or where it ought to be (it might has well be on women’s noses for some Indian men), most women I have talked to do not know what the prostate is and that there is something called a prostate orgasm for men (a ‘Look , Ma, no hands!’ orgasm).

This mutual ignorance is no doubt a result of our sexually repressed culture where there is no sex education in schools, no healthy interaction between the sexes, no honest discussions with parents or teachers, the latter in many places jumping over the human anatomy chapter in the Biology textbook. There is no access to any hands-on knowledge of sex apart from porn, which remains an uneven and unreliable source, predicated as it is on hyperbolic, fantastic and somewhat tired pyrotechnics to try and make sex interesting to people not actually involved in the act.

So what do you need to know about your own body, guys, and you women and men interested in men’s bodies? That men have erogenous zones too and these differ from man to man. Some are nipple-sensitive, others are not; some love getting rimmed, others do not.

Let’s begin with the prostate. It is that little bump between your balls and your anus that feels good when someone massages it, so, girls and gay boys, massage your man’s prostate and watch him smile. When he is penetrating you, gently put your finger up his arse and massage his prostrate. He’ll have a double whammy orgasm, see stars and thank you for the rest of his days.

Women do not have a prostate as they do not produce sperm/semen so they do not experience any special pleasure during anal sex, though some are known to still like it anyway.

Nipple Orgasm Men
Nipple Orgasm Men

Many men like their nipples licked, sucked, bitten. Ask him if he does and try it anyway. Gently at first. Don’t twist them or swing off them like Tarzan swings off a branch. Men can be shy about it. When I first went for a Jaat man’s nipples, he said “Kya kar rahe ho, mai aurat thodi hu?’” That’s how stupid Jaat men, and Indian men in general, can be.

Lick his armpits. There’s nothing like the heady scent of a male armpit and it makes them feel good.

Lick his arse. Many men love rimming and don’t even know it. A Jaat man was surprised when I first did it to him but then, on every subsequent visit, he could not wait to sit on my face.

Suck his balls. Gently. Take each one in your mouth and roll it around. Lick the ballsacs. Apply honey or icecream on them and go for it.

Lick and suck his toes. Tickle his balls as you suck his cock. Watch him groan.

Lick him and bite him all over, gently, from head to toe.

By now, you will know what he likes and what he does not like. Focus on what he likes. Till he collapses in a heap.

A sexually satisfied man is a less fucked up man. We have so many horrible men in the world partly because they do not have good sex at all.

Intimacy is a skill.

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