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Bro, she’s more than her holes

The Cunt

Do you look at her vagina after sex? I surely do, not sure about you. It makes sense to do so because if I have spent so many days and weeks in talking and building trust with the person surrounding that vagina, the least I can do is to look at it once my penis is out of it. On top that, if I was inside it fifteen minutes back and thrusting like an outrageous donkey with my tongue waging like a pup’s, looking at it after sex will also save me some material to remember during future masturbation sessions. People have strange motivations, I know what you’re thinking.

But the following men have even stranger thought processes when it comes to looking at their madam’s little madam post the act of intercourse. Their responses are honest and their identities are hidden because you know, society demands repressing normal day to day acts which consenting adults very often indulge in. But no worries, we’ll still proceed with discretion.

– I don’t look at it. It gives out the vibes of “Stay Away” because the girls I’ve had sex with, they all have been too shy to even stay naked with me after sex got over. So no chance of grabbing a look at their privates. Although one time when she was getting back to senses after an intense bout of hard sex, I quickly kissed her goodbye down there. She then dressed up and smiled at my chivalry because the 21-year-old me was no less than a horny James Bond to her.
Interesting. Goodbye kiss to the cutie pie where your pee-pee just went in. I like to do this procedure both ways. Recently, after I ejaculated and threw away the condom, I got my sugarcane slurped and cleaned of the juice that was sticking to it. It is not yuck, please. To make matters even, I played with her clit using my tongue and teeth for parting ways on highly pleasurable notes. But don’t try this adventure with someone who has got herpes or any other STI, you lustful creature. Call this post-coital closing ceremony or whatever, it is a surefire way to keep the fire on for future meetings. Who wishes to be just fucked and forgotten? I am not very glad to be on the giving or the receiving end of that principle. Fuck and remember is so much better.
– I do look at it but it shouts at me “What the hell were you doing?”. For this tiny thing, I was losing out on my life and sleep and time? I say this to myself and stare at that tiny thing. That is when I take the vow of celibacy which lasts only until the time a new girl comes into my life. Then once again this tiny thing creates big havoc in my life and I end up going after it while losing my sanity in the process. My 29-year-old adult self and one decade-old sexual self are complicated in their own ways.
Completely on board with you, my friend. Every time a round of sex gets over, I also get into the mode of questioning my life choices and also wonder whether I am a slave to the vagina or not. To an extent, I definitely am. Almost all the things which I do, they somehow conclude to bringing in an ample amount of sex in my life. But whatever the case may be, if I am going to have sex, why not look at her vagina after getting over with it?
There are vulva museums dedicated to the beauty of female genitalia. Can’t you and I take out a minute to admire and appreciate the place where we got invited as well as accommodated? Thanks for being empathetic.

– My way is to do dirty talk with her while also looking and talking to her kitty-katty at the same time. I refer to her vagina as “She” where “She” actually is my lady’s bae. Both the babe and her bae share the same names. Do you want me to knock with my saliva before I enter inside Miss *Lady’s Name*? Or should I ease her out with my hands because after a tiring day at the office, she needs a good massage, doesn’t she? When I say these things, many women like it. Our intimate moments turn more intimate and the sheets begin to heat up within a few minutes.

Nothing beats witty dirty talk. Not everyone likes it but I see the point being made by my naughty friend above. In the bedroom, it is all about playing with each other at the level of mind and body. While dirty talk excites the neurons, touching and kissing get the fluids of love into action. On that note, it is not very uncommon to find that people have names for their private parts. A woman I knew, she used to call her breasts “Motu Patlu” because one was smaller than the other and required cushioning from within the bra to cope up in size. Ask your partner what they like to call their member(s) in crime and see what spice it adds to your relationship.

Coming to a close because this was meant to be a quickie styled reading. What urged to writing this were complaints from a number of women who claimed that men didn’t look at their vaginas after sex. Those men very obviously and indirectly gave out the message that a hole meant to be filled with semen doesn’t need to be looked at. Very disgraceful, I know. Using the above three cases, I wanted to put across the idea that her warm and wet opening is more than just that and those who dive deep into it, only they’ll be able to find out what exists at the end of this tunnel. It is not cervix, you fool. We were talking in metaphor, not literally. Now go and see if “She” is calling you. Give a flying kiss to greet and a goodbye kiss once you finish the meet. Oh yeah, also be discreet.

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