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Which Erogenous Zones Do You Know About?

Holding Wrist

Some of them may surprise you!

In society’s sexual script, only a few body parts are given the spotlight. Because of this, we may not realise how abundantly the human body is teeming with erogenous zones, waiting to be explored, desired and loved. According to sex and relationship expert Jane Greer, an erogenous zone can be described “as any part of the body that has heightened sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated.” The most unexpected body parts can be surprisingly erogenous in the right circumstances, and can bring lots of excitement, joy and curiosity to our sexual lives.

Here are some tips and techniques to make your love life more memorable, and of course, sizzlingly hot! So next time, while kissing, cuddling, or making love, don’t ignore these unique body parts!

My first special mention goes to the inner wrist. When was the last time you remember being touched there in a sexual situation? Many of us may have never experienced this! But the inside of the wrist is in fact, crackling with nerve endings. It’s where the most prominent pulse point of the body is; throbbing and sensitive. The inside of the wrist is a great spot to caress and hold, especially when foreplay is just beginning. It’s intimate, without being too intrusive or jarring. So take time and let the sensation linger. I love how my partner holds my wrist, and then slowly strokes the inside of it, while maintaining eye contact all along. These arousing, but irresistibly gentle caresses can go a long way!

Lovers playing with hair

Another surprising erogenous zone is the scalp. Who would’ve thought! Most of us like to casually run our fingers through our partners’ hair, or even pull it if we’re being bold. But hair alone doesn’t have any nerve endings. Part of what makes hair pulling so exciting is how it stimulates the scalp! So next time, let your touch be more deliberate, and run your fingers through the scalp, as you sieve through their hair. You’ll be surprised at how it can heat things up!

I am a self-confessed neck person. Neck kisses and nibbles immediately get me all hot and bothered. Which is why I think the nape of the neck is an interesting area. It combines the intimacy of the neck, with the sensations of the back. Having your partner stroke that sweet spot at the nape of your neck can take regular neck kissing to the next level. Explore with different sensations- fingers, lips, tongue, teeth, or even just warm breath. It will leave tingles and goosebumps on the nape of your lovers’ neck!

Neck is an erogenous zone
The nape of neck is an erogenous zone

The ears are a well known erotic zone, but are often overlooked. Since the ears are teeming with sensory receptors, they can be very sensitive to both touch and sound. Ask your partner to lightly trace the C shaped outline of your ear with their fingertips while you are kissing. Nibbling, whispering and kissing can cause fireworks! In fact, if you are approaching an orgasm, having your ears and earlobes stimulated can intensify your climax!

Visual cultures throughout the ages have been obsessed with the optic of the bare stomach and navel. The idealised belly could be flat, rotund or chiseled depending on time period and culture. So it should come as no surprise that the thin strip between the belly button and the pelvis is an exciting erogenous zone! The lower you descend on the stomach, the closer you get to your partners’ genitals, making that action rich with anticipation and arousal. For women, the pelvis could have even more to offer. Some say that the G-spot can be stimulated from the corresponding, outer side of the pelvis.

Last but not the least, the feet, particularly the bottom of the feet, is full of scope for arousal. The feet contain pressure points loaded with nerve endings, that can trigger arousal during footplay. An old fashioned foot massage is always a great idea, as it can lead up to sex in the most relaxing way possible. For those with more pronounced foot fetishes, kisses and bites along the toes and feet will surely heat things up in the bedroom.

The body is full of potential for arousal.  The regular sexual script, which highlights some hurried foreplay, and then a penis ejaculating inside a vagina, is an old and boring one. It’s time to revamp this script, give it new and creative characters. And the first step to doing this is to recognize the body’s vast scope for pleasure and desire! So go ahead, explore your partner’s body; not just the obvious parts, but every delightful ridge and valley on their skin (with their consent of course!) And if you feel curious, then let them do the same for you! At the end of the day, the most important erogenous organ is the mind. So keep your mind and imagination open, and you might be surprised by the eroticism that the entirety of the body can offer.


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