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All About BOOBS

breasts as sexual organs

“I was her new paying guest. The landlady seemed friendly and helpful….While helping me with the heavy luggage up the stairs Deepa ji dropped a bag again and before I could pick it she subconsciously bent down to pick it. I tried not to stare but I caught a glimpse of a deep cleavage inside her sleeveless yellow blouse. Oblivious to the brief moment of sensuality she continued up the stairs. It was then I noticed the slow roll of her voluptuous buttocks insider her sari.”

– Chris Fernandes

This sneak peek into a woman’s cleavage is often eroticized a lot in Indian popular culture, literature and films but breasts as sexual organs have been eroticized in all cultures including the ancient Indian culture since time immemorial.

All ancient temples that have erotic sculptures including those in Khajurao also depict women as having voluptuous breasts and fuller figures. Paleolithic cave art as old as 35,000 years also portrays nude women who have enormous breasts. Many may call it pre-historic pornography! Though anthropology suggests that bigger breasts and hips indicated reproductive fitness. Biologically all breasts can produce milk and nurture babies just like a healthy penis of any size can impregnate, but evolution theories suggest that cultures began to believe that that women with larger breasts were better reproductively and hence the obsession with fuller breasts became part of popular culture.

Even in the Holy Bible Proverbs 5:19 says to a husband for his wife …..

“….let her breasts satisfy thee at all times.”

So this is clear that men obviously pay a lot of attention to breasts since time immemorial. Modern men also remain equally obsessed with breasts and have found the most erotic names for breasts too like jugs, hooters, rack, balloons, melons ….. Women often say that men talk to their boobs not to their faces!

Working in this hypothesis a group of French researchers made women wear various size padded bras and then sent them to cafés where they sat alone. The women with increased bra sizes seemed to have more and more men approach them!

Researchers from New Zealand used eye-tracking technology in a similar project in order to assess how men viewed women with breasts of different sizes. They concluded that while small breasts held a few men’s attention but most men gaze at the women who have medium to large breasts.

According to anthropologists breast stimulation, caressing and suckling are part of foreplay all over the world. Moreover, breasts play a crucial role in female sexual arousal. Masters and Johnson in a report clearly indicated that breast volume increases during sexual arousal hence making it clear that breasts are not just mammary glands or milk containers but also have a sexual function.

Why do Men Love Breasts?

Author Jena E Pincott writes in her much read article Why men are mad about mammaries? , that there are three main theories that explain this:

– The Freudian theory that suggests that breasts remind men of their moms and the nurturing of childhood.

– The Evolutionary theory indicates that breasts resemble buttocks and evidence suggests that pre-human ancestors always mounted from behind and hence find breasts attractive.

– The Reproductive theory that breasts are the indicators of age, and bigger breasts mark higher estrogen levels that are associated with fertility.

There is another alternate theory popularly known as boobs help bonding that indicates that when women’s breasts are suckled just like they are during breastfeeding oxytocin is released. This hormone helps the mother bond with the baby and similarly generates same feelings of affection and attachment when a man sucks and fondles the woman’s breasts during foreplay. Men thus became programmed by evolution to pay attention to breasts because by doing so they can retain mates and keep women attached to them.

Women love Boobs too

However it is not just men who like breasts. Women also derive a great deal of sexual stimulation often even orgasmic satisfaction from breasts.

“I enjoy sex and orgasm…in fact being a woman also I  am fascinated with  my boobs and fell aroused when I see a porn film and see women boobs.”, says Meera.

Many women crave for more breast stimulation as part of their sexual routines. In a study published in 2006, 82% women and 52% men revealed that breast/nipple stimulation made them sexually aroused. 78% women and 39% men said that even after being aroused nipple/breast stimulation further increased their arousal.

Women not only like partners to stimulate their breasts but also love showing them off, Chetna Khanna, Author Edge of Ecstasy Book Series says:

“Wear a slightly deep necked top or a tight Tee, sweater and no one, man or woman, will stop staring at your boobs. I think it is more awesome to have large nipples (I have fairly large ones) with a decently wide purple colored areola. Women with large boobs might not have large nipples and vice versa. It just means more of my boobs are sensitive, erogenous zones during sex.”

Bras, Pornography and Plastic Surgery

The modern bra industry has hugely promoted the idea BIGGER IS BETTER especially for breasts. It was just two handkerchiefs sewn together with ribbon straps that became the first patented bra in 1914.


The variants started soon after- padded bras to make boobs look bigger, the push-up bra to make breasts look even larger invented by Frederick Mellinger in 1948 in Hollywood. Several variants followed. In 1994 the Wonderbra became a sensation, it was an advanced version of the push-up concept with the aim to accentuate the cleavage.

Since 1990, it is said that the average bra size in both America and UK has increased from 34B to 36C. A major reason for that is breast augmentation using plastic surgery. Surgeons do on an average 317,000 boob jobs per year and 100,000 reductions so the trend to increase is stronger than the trend to decrease.

Pornography- the majority of which is still produced in the United States has always objectified bigger bosoms though off late there are categories of small or flat chested women on all websites too. PornHub in collaboration with Mashable carried out a research and found that the topmost boob related search on PornHub is ‘big tits’ then ‘big boobs’ followed by ‘huge tits’.

Tribal cultures around the world have had women walking around bare-breasted and have no particular obsession with size, shape or variety.

In complete contrast to this there are flat-chested models dominating the fashion runways of world cities like New York, Paris and Milan.

Then there are movements like Free the Nipple campaign allowing women the freedom to be topless in public places just like men. Studies by PornHub also suggest that the Millennial generation no longer searches much for boobs in porn as a result because they see them aplenty around them

To conclude it won’t be wrong to say via Iris Marion Young-

“Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.”

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