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Romance In The Times of Quarantine

couple foreplay

Millions of couples are locked inside their homes in the days of COVID-19. I am sure, you my reader must be too. While many people are remotely working, the lockdown still leaves us with ample time by reducing our commute time, market trips, and social outings. With nothing else to do, severing all outside distractions and our partner being the only person we still get to see face to face, intimacy is firmly positioned at the center place of our lives. Physical intimacy is also a strong coping mechanism because people get depressed in the quarantine. Thus, sex (with your regular sex partner or solo sex if you are single) is an effective way to fight the quarantine blues while you stay locked inside your home.

For the sake of simplicity, a partner is someone you cohabitate with, trust, and are in a relationship. In the Corona times, it is not advisable to become intimate and hookup with strangers due to risk of transmission of infection through kissing and close body contact.

But if you and your partner are asymptomatic that is you both do not display any active symptoms of virus, are maintaining effective social distancing ( stepping out of home only for essential work – groceries, medicines etc.) and follow all other recommended hygiene practice – regular hand washing with soap or sanitizer, keeping a distance of 6ft from other people, you can surely indulge in sex with your regular sexual partner. Because sex is a great way to have fun, stay connected and relieve anxiety during this potentially stressful time.

There are also reports doing rounds that condom sales have increased in Corona times and it is no wonder. Sex is an intimate partnered act that brings both relaxation and pleasure. In these stressed times and with nowhere to go, most couples are turning to sex to rekindle their lost intimacy along with having heartful conversations and finding joy in doing household chores together. It’s much better than watching escapism television and become braindead and numb to the world.

For those who are single can keep it cute and go for self-pleasuring

Doing away with the whole other human component of sex is also a good option. You can sanitize your sex toys and heighten your masturbatory pleasure. Solo sex is safe since your vibrator can’t sneeze or cough, it can be a pretty good, trusted sex partner during times like these.

But the times of social isolation are here to stay and sex also runs the risk of being repetitive and boring after a certain period. So what is your best bet? Trying different sex positions – missionary, doggie style, cowgirl, or maybe add some sexual accessories/ practices to enrich your lust-love laden encounters 🙂

Handcuffs Bondage

Keeping it Kinky – Hone your skills in bondage with these soft velvet bondage metal handcuffs.  Tie up your man with the bed and prey him like a wild tigress. Its time to make real your sexual fantasies.

The Game of Seduction – Sex is not always a straight-up act. The charm of sex also lies in desirability. Am I desirable to you is the fire that flares up our erotic fantasies. Happily ever after seduction kit is tailored for a fun and tasteful romantic night with a range of erotic-play items such as nipple covers, feather ticklers, satin cuffs, ivory gift box and more. Change your routine and bring back spontaneity and an element of surprise and anticipation into your bedroom.

Vibrator G-Spot

Vibe-gasm – In case you are solo or are with a partner who makes you fake orgasms, do not let your spirits down. This powerful premium vibrator (used by the on-screen character played by Kiara Advani and Neha Dhupia in Lust Stories) is perfect for targeting those sweet spots down there that can drive you wild with ecstatic pleasure and multiple clitoral orgasms. Arousals now have got no other excuse.

Intimacy is a skill.

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