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To suffer is to be alive. Happiness is only an Interlude

This is an early morning exchange with Vijay on suffering and happiness.

Why do we hide our suffering and why do we project our happiness?

What makes us believe that happiness is a goal, something to accomplish while suffering has to be exiled in self-pity

Read on…

me – Also why men are stupid as you said, something must have gone wrong for them to be misogynist and how they can uplift themselves from here.

Vijay – or, men are stupid because women want them to be that way… it’s like owning a bull, for muscles, not brain…please believe me when I say the source of all slaveries lies in self weakness, and less physical and more intellectual and moral weakness….one contention could be that men are what women wanted than to be, and that has become unsuitable in modern time with the reduced physical utility of man and increased physical utility of women. tractors have made bull redundant because even women can drive them as efficiently. there is a need to reeducate men, women may feel. But, reeducation to have and effect on a deeper level, instinct level, takes generations. who knows, will have to sit down and ponder?

me – So why would a woman want a man to be stupid and then take suffering from his insensitive behavior?

Vijay – every trained behavior has a negative side. they make a choice of using and training man in a particular way for their survival need ( which is the dominant need) and then suffer from the side effects of such behavior.

me – I agree, So the three parts of this narrative are what things were, why they were like that, and what it takes for things to become – a new progressive reality.

Vijay – first two ok, what they should be, that’s a fantasy…reality will always lie close to the first two…by its very nature reality is abrasive and can not be free of abuse, and pain and suffering….that’s why the smartest people have insisted on finding a way of dealing with suffering rather than eliminating it… has a fundamental nature, which is driven by death, and it can not be changed…..otherwise our sensation of being alive will also go with it.

me – Why people insist on being known publicly known as happy and content

Vijay – Because they don’t understand happiness, all they know is to mimic what they think happy others, mimicking always needs validation for it has no reference point internal to the mimic. and that is the psychological deficiency in us advertising exploits….it redefines happiness for us suiting the product they want to sell….and we always fall for it…….we are never allowed to discover ourselves what makes us happy, we are always told what should make us happy…

To suffer is to be alive… Happiness is only an interlude-pain exhaling; Desire for its permanence is the biggest corruption of happiness- fear gnawing at the moment of joy; But what can man do, his nature is rooted in the permanence of continuum of death, on whose surface his consciousness is a mere blip… And what he perceives as change is only his delusion being punctured by reality….โ€™ what he wants it to beโ€™ getting smashed by โ€˜what it is……โ€™

me – How this natural suffering differs from the suffering that we inflict upon us – say women training men to be stupid

Vijay – don’t know, will have to ponder sometime…

me – God! I asked a question that you don’t have an answer. Now I trust my brains ๐Ÿ™‚

Vijay – ha ha.. good for you.

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