Sexual Confidence: How To Find Yours?

How to build sexual confidence

I wonder if there is any other topic than sex that is surrounded by so many complicated and mixed notions. It can be as simple as an erotic act and as complex as our deep-set desires and beliefs. In a world where sex is either served wrapped in toxic messages such as it is sinful […]

Sex as an escape from reality

sex addiction

When I had sex for the first time, I fell in love with the way it made me feel. It filled a void in me, making me feel wanted and loved. Sex made up for the emotional lacuna I felt within all the time. It gave me a high that nothing else could give. Before […]

Bring Intimacy to Casual Sex

Night of Passion

We are a generation of casual sex and fluid relationships. But as humans, we invariably seek connection and intimacy, even in casual encounters. Why, then, are we mostly left with an empty feeling after spending a night of passion with someone we barely know? It is primarily due to the mismatch in expectations or lack […]

The awkward case of conversations around sexual health

A friend called me up recently, stricken with panic. She had been on a date with a guy she has been attracted to and ended up having unprotected sex with him. She didn’t have a condom and she couldn’t muster up the courage to ask the man if he had one. Her vagina had developed […]

Defying the Norm – Young Men with Older Women

A warm thanks to the social activist Ms. Madhavi Kuckreja for sharing her picture with her partner Mr. Askari Naqvi. I have always been with younger men – from a year to seven years younger. My only older-man-dating-attempt asked me once why I preferred younger men. I hadn’t given it much thought until then. I […]

My Thirties are Sexy!

“In youth we learn; in age we understand.” – Ebner-Eschenbach I recently celebrated my 34th birthday. A friend wished me ‘Happy growing old.’ I remember the year I turned thirty. I felt sad bidding adieu to my twenties as if I was parting from a loved one, never to see him again. However, I love […]

Lust is a Misunderstood Emotion

Lust and Temptation

‘I feel lust is an extremely misunderstood emotion.’ When my friend said this, I couldn’t help thinking about lust. I never even saw it as an ‘emotion’. When I hear the word lust, the instant image that comes to mind is something that’s dirty, dark and disrespectful. And that’s because my mind has been conditioned […]

What is Sex?

Inscription SEX on the Mirror

When someone says sex is overrated, I am tempted to ask what they mean by it. If we look at it that way, everything in life is overrated, except air and water. In the way that we desire to give life meaning through relationships, work, art and whatnot, we tend to give sex some meaning. […]

Love in Times of Emotional Repression

It was on my solo travel across Himachal two years ago that I learnt about Tinder. I ran into a young girl during the trip who asked me once, ‘How do you meet new people? Tinder?’ I was perplexed. I had no idea what the word meant. I have never been a very social-media friendly […]

Sex isn’t a Casual Sport

Ever had that feeling where you made a complete fool of yourself? We all know the answer to that. It has taken a great deal of introspection and a tumultuous inner journey for me to realize what I want and seek when it comes to relationships. After my last relationship, I had been afraid to […]