The Lockdown: How Gen Z has Sex Online.

Virtual Sex

This lockdown has all of us questioning the value of so many things that we have taken for granted until now. As a 20 year old (still part of Gen Z, I think?), I have specifically been obsessing over the conveniences and accessibility the internet has provided. I have been struggling to imagine a world […]

What they didn’t tell me about Anal

So my partner and I have been trying to have anal sex for the good part of the last two years, but Jesus, it is so difficult, we just cant seem to figure out how to do it. In all our various and numerous attempts, we have been successful for all of one night. One […]

My love for BDSM gives me sleepless nights

Shibari Bondage

I have never gotten off to porn that wasn’t violent and bordering on abusive ever. I have been into BDSM since I began masturbating. In fact, I remember repeatedly borrowing Jane Eyre from my school library in 6th grade, because I loved rubbing off to the scene where she is caned for misbehaving. For the […]

My Vagina Burns and No One Cares

Vaginal Pain

Ever since I was fifteen, I have been trying my very hardest to lose my virginity. But for some reason, the damn penis just refuses to enter my vagina. I tried in a million positions, with multiple penises, but my vagina remains locked up like an old storage room. See the problem was that every […]

Internet Safety for Teens – My Story

Online Saftey and Kids

I failed to consider two things that fateful night when I logged on to Omegle. com. One, that the electricity in our home was out, and my room, like everything else was shrouded in darkness. Two, my bedroom door was in fact, wide open, not securely shut. So while I was busy texting strangers about […]

How I overcame my porn addiction

Porn Addiction

At the age of 15, after spending 8 hours continuously watching porn, and realising that this was the 5th night that week I had spent like that, I had to admit to myself that I was indeed addicted to porn. The realisation struck home a singular type of terror and isolation that I had never […]