Five Dimensions of Erotic Touch

The essence of sexuality is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching. Touching happens both inside and outside the bedroom. Touching is valued for itself and does not always lead to intercourse. Couples who want to maintain a vital sexual relationship can use the metaphor of touching consisting of “five gears” (dimensions). Affectionate Touch Sensual Touch Playful […]

Your Very Own Guide To Roleplay!

Role-play! Maybe it makes you think of Fifty Shades of Grey, or a scene from a porno that you saw. But roleplay isn’t just for the screen! It can totally spice things up in a realistic way in your bedroom. So what if you’re into the idea of roleplaying with your partner and don’t know […]

To suffer is to be alive. Happiness is only an Interlude

This is an early morning exchange with Vijay on suffering and happiness. Why do we hide our suffering and why do we project our happiness? What makes us believe that happiness is a goal, something to accomplish while suffering has to be exiled in self-pity Read on… me – Also why men are stupid as […]

Heart Salutation Meditation – Couple Intimacy

Heart Salutation Meditation

The heart salutation meditation is a ritual that you should do when you end the day before you sleep or before you make love to each other. The ritual creates a powerful, soothing, and deep connection between you and your partner, helping you break from the toxic mind patterns and taking you to the space […]

Make Space for Both Your Personalities in Your Relationship

In the initial stages of a relationship, your partner’s differences may feel refreshing and exciting. But over time, these differences can clash and build resentment. Are you in a situation where you love your partner but find it difficult to accommodate both of your personalities in your relationship? In this article, I’m going to tell […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Sexting: Tips, Examples & More!

Woman sexting on bed

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that most of us cannot leave our homes to meet new people or current partners. But this doesn’t have to put a full stop to our sex lives! With physical contact being risky, sexting has become the go-to way for many people to connect with their long distance partners. Whether […]

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, Is It Real?

Porn Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of those things that affects many couples, and people still don’t talk about it enough. For some it could be a source of embarrassment and confusion, especially because it is associated with aging, illness or hormonal imbalances. Before getting into this article, remember: a sexual disorder is something that can affect […]

Low Sex-Drive? This Could Be Why

Sex drive

Late-night google searches about what could be behind a low-libido or a sudden dip in sexual appetite brings up the usual suspects: medication, stress, depression, hormonal fluctuations, poor diet and exercise and lack of sleep. Now these lifestyle factors can definitely have a huge impact on your sex life, but the truth is, a loss […]

Your Go-To Guide On Ethical Porn

Ethical Porn

If you’re living in the 21st century, chances are, you’ve already stumbled upon porn of some sort. Being able to easily access pornographic videos and images has probably changed how an entire generation relates to sex: it’s usually free, it’s fun and it caters to every imaginable fantasy and kink under the sun. So why […]

If Men Could Menstruate

Period Leave

by Gloria Steinem Living in India made me understand that a white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking a white skin makes people superior, even though the only thing it really does is make them more subject to ultraviolet rays and wrinkles. Reading Freud made me just as skeptical about […]