3 Subtle Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

We all want love. We all long for love. Love is at the core of everything we do if we think about it. But despite being a universally practiced and felt emotion, love has not been talked about in the real sense. Barring the artificially curated social media posts and what we see on TV, […]

4 Tips for Solving Couple Conflicts

How many times have we fought in our intimate relationships with our partners? Definitely more than a few times. Conflict in itself is not unhealthy, as it allows us to look at the areas of the relationship that needs the most attention. A conflict about your partner not helping in housework highlights the feeling of […]

Principles for Handling Couple Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings are a common occurrence in most relationships, and my own love life is no different. When I look around, I see that fights often erupt because of different or mismatching perspectives of looking at the same issue. Yes, these are some of the commonly heard grievances that couples voice out against each other. “I […]

Sexual Confidence: How To Find Yours?

I wonder if there is any other topic than sex that is surrounded by so many complicated and mixed notions. It can be as simple as an erotic act and as complex as our deep-set desires and beliefs. In a world where sex is either served wrapped in toxic messages such as it is sinful […]

Your Go-To Guide On Ethical Porn

Being a 21st-century citizen, chances are that you have already stumbled upon porn ofsome sort. The ability to easily access pornographic videos and images has probablychanged how an entire generation relates to sex. It is usually free, fun, and caters to everyimaginable fantasy and kink under the sun.So why all this talk about ethical porn?What’s […]

Low Sex-Drive? This Could Be Why

Late-night google searches about what could be behind a low-libido or a sudden dip in sexual appetite brings up the usual suspects: medication, stress, depression, hormonal fluctuations, poor diet and exercise and lack of sleep. Now these lifestyle factors can definitely have a huge impact on your sex life, but the truth is, a loss […]

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, Is It Real?

Erectile dysfunction is one of those things that affects many couples, and people still don’t talk about it enough. For some it could be a source of embarrassment and confusion, especially because it is associated with aging, illness or hormonal imbalances. Before getting into this article, remember: a sexual disorder is something that can affect […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Sexting: Tips, Examples & More!

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that most of us cannot leave our homes to meet new people or current partners. But this doesn’t have to put a full stop to our sex lives! With physical contact being risky, sexting has become the go-to way for many people to connect with their long distance partners. Whether […]

Make Space for Both Your Personalities in Your Relationship

In the initial stages of a relationship, your partner’s differences may feel refreshing and exciting. But over time, these differences can clash and build resentment. Are you in a situation where you love your partner but find it difficult to accommodate both of your personalities in your relationship? In this article, I’m going to tell […]