The Feminine Balance in Intimate Relationship

Divine Feminine

Femininity is not just about being overly emotional, beautiful, or vulnerable as has been stereotyped in popular culture. Femininity spans a broad spectrum of extraordinary delightful qualities that are inherent in every woman. Though like a muscle, our femininity atrophies from disuse. Which is what is happening commonly with the pseudo feminism wave that dictates […]

Principles for Handling Couple Misunderstandings

Misunderstanding in Relationship

Misunderstandings are a common occurrence in most couple relationships, my life being no different. When I look back and when I look around, I see a lot of times fights erupt because of different or mismatching perspectives of looking at the same issue. Yes, these are some of the commonly heard grievances that couples voice […]

Womb Bliss – The Power Of Conscious Menstruation

Conscious Menstruation

“Menstruation is a deeply shamanic experience of death and rebirth; we are releasing and rebirthing in a profound bio-spiritual journey. It is also a very primal moment when we remember our true origins.” – Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand. Conscious Menstruation is an ancient feminine practice that brings deep feminine wisdom to your womb that […]

4 Tips for Solving Couple Conflicts

Couple Fights Management

How many times have we fought in our intimate relationships with our partner, spouse? Definitely more than a few times. Conflict in itself is not unhealthy, it gives us an opportunity to look at the areas of the relationship that needs the most attention. A conflict about one partner not helping in housework highlights the […]

Mindful Sex Practices

The fast-paced life has left most of us exhausted, stressed, and disconnected, and most of us attempt sex under these unfriendly conditions. Immediately after sex most couples rush for their smartphones and sex timing is cut short to quick foreplay and ejaculation. It is difficult for our monkey minds to stay present and shut off […]

3 Subtle Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationship

We all want love. We all need love. We all long for love. Love is at the core of everything that we do if you come to think of it. We love life, we love our possessions : ), we love our mobile phones, we love our carefully curated social media updates to invoke jealousy […]

Social Isolation Could be a Period of Great Growth or Great Struggle in Your Relationship

Social Distancing and Romance

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many couples stuck at home, which is a good thing: Social-distancing will help minimize its spread and contain the disease. But this sudden surge in social isolation means many couples are now suddenly spending an awful lot of time together—like, 24×7—and that can be stressful for even the most solid partnership. Because we […]

Romance In The Times of Quarantine

couple foreplay

Millions of couples are locked inside their homes in the days of COVID-19. I am sure, you my reader must be too. While many people are remotely working, the lockdown still leaves us with ample time by reducing our commute time, market trips, and social outings. With nothing else to do, severing all outside distractions […]

Intimacy in Times of Social Isolation

Couple Cuddling

Most of us have restricted our social movement outside our homes to curtail the widespread increase in incidences of covid-19. As a mother, spending a month away from my kid in Dharamshala, I could very feel the rising anxiety inside me. As human beings, we are hard-wired for connection. Interacting, connecting with other social beings […]

Take a 90-day Probation Period to Date

swipe or not

My friend Ann recently shared in a closed group how she has grown selective about giving a man access to her body. Ann was not always like this. Free-spirited and wild are adjectives that suit her perfectly. At one point in her life she had multiple sexual partners and confided in me that she would […]