Scheduled vs Spontaneous Sex

The 21st century life comes with immense time and space constraints so to say and people do not have time to do important things often including sex. Couples often find themselves in a rut in a long-term relationship where sex becomes obligatory and periodical like buying groceries hence scheduled and not spontaneous, or there are […]

All About BOOBS

breasts as sexual organs

“I was her new paying guest. The landlady seemed friendly and helpful….While helping me with the heavy luggage up the stairs Deepa ji dropped a bag again and before I could pick it she subconsciously bent down to pick it. I tried not to stare but I caught a glimpse of a deep cleavage inside […]

Games of Lovemaking

BDSM Kink Feather Fetish

Sex is definitely one of the most exciting aspects of any adult person’s life but often especially in long-term relationships most sex becomes just plain vanilla sex. The same routine that couples often follow like a physical training drill and get off. However sex doesn’t have to be boring ever, only if people choose to […]

Sex without intercourse

Girl masturbating on sofa

I was lucky to have experienced the joy and ecstasy of “outercourse” or non-penetrative sex in the first few years of my active sexual life itself. At that stage both me and my partner did not want a pregnancy and along with standard birth control always experimented in techniques that were non-penetrative but equally or […]

Let’s get Cliterate!


The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.  Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues “I was 15, bed-ridden, recovering from a long illness just before my 10th boards and that is when I was introduced to my clitoris during self-pleasuring, only I didn’t know what it was […]

BDSM Guide for Beginners

Pink Handcuffs

Ever since the 50 Shades of Grey series burst on the sensuality scene both as books and films, it raised interest about BDSM lifestyle in dinner conversations and conventional relationships. People started searching for sex toys and paraphernalia and one can presume that some started experimenting on their own in their sex life based on […]

Watching Sex Closer Home

Boy Sneaking in the Room

Mostly unintentionally many parents are guilty of introducing their young children to sex! Parents inadvertently are their children’s first contact with sex and sexual activities. Psychologists also opine that directly or indirectly, the sexuality and sexual relationship of many parents often determines the sexuality of their offspring as an adult and even become the basic […]

The Chocolate Orgasm

chocolate orgasm

Those were the late 90s in small town India, dating meant for most love letters, chocolates and meeting discreetly. It was what I giggled about with my girlfriends at college and in the mixed gender theatre group I was a part of, that was the main topic of gossip, who wants to date whom or […]