What Menstrual Cups Taught Me

When I first got my periods, I was devastated. The monthly pain, fatigue and discomfort overwhelmed me, not to mention the overnight assumption that I had suddenly ‘become a woman.’ My child’s body was now a sexual body. It meant covering up, not drawing attention to my curves, and of course, maintaining distance from boys. […]

Intimacy Without Privacy: Sex in Mumbai’s Chawls

Mumbai Chawl

If you could choose any place in the world, what would be your ideal place for sex and intimacy? Maybe you imagine a luxurious room on the top floor of a skyscraper, with french windows and a large bed. Maybe you think of a cozy cottage in the mountains, or a leisurely resort by the […]

You Can’t Have Sex Positivity Without Body Positivity- Here’s Why!

Body Positivity

I like having my stomach touched and kissed during sex. It feels like warm honey. The slightest butterfly kiss on my belly makes me shudder. But something holds me back. I often feel like my belly isn’t flat enough. All my healthy eating and sweaty hours in the gym made my shoulders stronger, biceps more […]

The Better Sex Series: Your Lifestyle Matters!

Better sex lifestyle

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sex In a sex-phobic culture, sex is often thrown in the same category as other ‘vices’- smoking, drinking and staying out late. We all know the stereotype of a promiscuous woman with a cigarette in her hand, who indulges in alcohol a little too […]

The Better Sex Series- Don’t Miss Out On Sleep

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sleep We all know the routine. Go to bed late after a Netflix binge, wake up early for that morning jog or meeting at work, and chug down a few cups of black coffee to keep you moving. If the fatigue and headaches get […]

The Better Sex Series: Let’s Talk Mental Health!

Beer date casual sex

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sex I love sex. Like with most people, sex has always been a source of pleasure, joy and excitement for me. There’s no denying the thrill of bodies. But is this the only story? Though sex should ideally be joyful, this isn’t always the […]

Why Sexual Violence Happens- And, No

Sexual Assault

Stories about extreme violence and brutality against women have been in the news lately. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Why do we only react when things get so, terribly, painfully bad? Violence doesn’t just start with a horrible incident on a desolate highway. Violence is ambient. Violence starts with the little things. […]

“You’ve Got A Message!” Sex & Desire in A Technological World


For many people, a sex act is valuable only if it ends in penetration. This is probably because society values procreative sex over any other kind of sex. Procreative, penetrative sex is that haloed, esteemed sex act because it either creates a baby, or is seen as some sort of practice for an eventual pregnancy. […]

What A Girls Hostel Gave Me

Girls Talk on Sex

(That Sex Education Never Could) There are twelve girls sitting on the floor. One of them is miming something with unusual objects- a hair clip, a bottle of glue, a tube of lotion. Everyone is roaring with laughter. This was a scene from my hostel days in high school. The girl doing the silly mime […]

The Freedom of Going Braless


Anyone who wears bras on the regular knows the liberating freedom of coming back home and yanking that bra off. For a long time, this was something I looked forward to- returning to my room after a long day, feeling the sweet relief of unhooking my bra and standing with arms open under the fan […]