Heart Salutation Meditation – Couple Intimacy

Heart Salutation Meditation

The heart salutation meditation is a ritual that you should do when you end the day before you sleep or before you make love to each other. The ritual creates a powerful, soothing, and deep connection between you and your partner, helping you break from the toxic mind patterns and taking you to the space […]

Make Space for Both Your Personalities in Your Relationship

In the initial stages of a relationship, your partner’s differences may feel refreshing and exciting. But over time, these differences can clash and build resentment. Are you in a situation where you love your partner but find it difficult to accommodate both of your personalities in your relationship? In this article, I’m going to tell […]

Sex Games To Spice Things Up In the Bedroom

Sex positions dice

A healthy, happy sex life requires many things: Communication, vulnerability, trust and honesty. But what if you already have this solid foundation of intimacy, and still want to take things a step further? After all, that extra element of spice, excitement and naughtiness never hurt anyone! If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further! […]

How Often Should You Have Sex?

Sex positions kamasutra

Men often ask me, how much sex should we be having? Can there be a number answer to it? Like thrice a week, once a week, and so on.. Sex works for different people in a different way. It’s the classic chicken and egg dilemma. What comes first – happiness or frequent sex. For some […]

Codependence and how our past holds onto us

Toxic Relationship

Kandarp Thaker is a young successful professional based in the US. He is smart, attractive, intelligent, and confident.  So it would be easy to assume that he has had some wonderful relationships, right?  Wrong.  Kandarp has, in the past, been in two long relationships. Both abusive and toxic, the women sought him out (yes, both […]

The Single Most Effective Sex Tip I Have EVER Given

Intimate Touch

Do you know the single-most effective sex tip that I’ve ever given? Touch more Most of us consider touch to be a part of foreplay that leads to sex, but I am talking about touch just for the sake of touching. Yes, this kind of touch has the power to transform your sex life like […]

If You Get A “No”, Try Initiating Sex In This Way

It was once in that months-long togetherness that I dared to ask him “I want to have sex with you.” The rest days, I would sigh mutely seeing his chiseled abode as he stepped out of the bathroom, or when he is deeply immersed at his work, I would look at his stout chest and […]

The Joy of Complaining

I have grown up to believe that happy couples do not fight, do not complain, and most of my life in almost all of my relationships, I have borne the brunt of this misconception. In my marriage, when differences accrued I thought its over, other than that it had become stale. Until recently, I carried […]

Recognize Bids of Your Partner

Couple Relationship

Bids are the attempts a person make to connect with their partner. Bids are the fundamental unit of emotional communication. Bids can be small or big, some bids are easy to see and interpret, others are nearly indecipherable. It’s up to you, you can choose to turn towards – respond – your partner or turn […]

The Feminine Balance in Intimate Relationship

Divine Feminine

Femininity is not just about being overly emotional, beautiful, or vulnerable as has been stereotyped in popular culture. Femininity spans a broad spectrum of extraordinary delightful qualities that are inherent in every woman. Though like a muscle, our femininity atrophies from disuse. Which is what is happening commonly with the pseudo feminism wave that dictates […]