Bro, she’s more than her holes

The Cunt

Do you look at her vagina after sex? I surely do, not sure about you. It makes sense to do so because if I have spent so many days and weeks in talking and building trust with the person surrounding that vagina, the least I can do is to look at it once my penis […]

Know More Than Routine Sex

Couple Intimacy Massage

As I had discussed in my last article, in long term monogamous relationships, there is a tendency that boredom might set in, the spark might get lost somehow. And which is quite normal. Seduction might help in getting rid of it but there might be other ways too to rekindle that lost flame in a […]

After Sex Conversation: A Real Pillow Talk

After Sex Conversation

Sex is not just a part of our life, it is an ‘art’ of it if you love it. Having sex for pleasure is mundane and having sex out of pleasure is ‘bliss’. For pleasure means either one partner is in arousal while the other may be in perfect mood or may not but out […]