Human Touch

When I considered writing an article, the first topic that came to my mind was human touch! Since my partner lives in another city, I have so many thoughts on the matter! Both of us love to touch and be touched. It’s our way of communicating without saying a word. For us, touch is an […]

Bring Intimate Touch in Sexless Marriage

A gentle touch

I had been in a sexless marriage and it feels unfulfilling deep inside. It started with an emotional disconnect and continued on the facade of motherhood liabilities. This dry spell continued for 5 long years and I coped by binge eating, piling up 10 kilos in the intervening period. It was an outside affair with […]

The Tenderness That Makes Foreplay Amazing

Sex is Tenderness

I am at the mall, waiting for an old schoolmate of mine who I haven’t seen in over two decades. Interestingly, he and I never spoke in school. Unlike my present vocal self, I was shy and demure as a child. It was difficult for me to talk to my classmates, even the girls. Boys […]

When He Turned Our Bedroom Into A Love Temple

Candle Lit Room

Sex isn’t all about penetration. Here’s how to let go of goals and absorb all the joy and sensations that come with sex. In his mediations about sex and intimacy, Osho writes about how world religions have been wrong in condemning sex as a sin. He evokes the richness of sex, “It is something immensely […]

An Artist at Flirting

I am a natural flirt. I flirt with life and with everyone I come in contact with – the waiters, bartenders, receptionists, men and women of all ages. However, I rarely come across someone who matches my flirting skills. This art of flirting came to me with my sexual self-awareness and freedom. A woman who […]

Kisses in Kamasutra You Should Explore

Hindu Gods Kissing

Up till now I only had a nominal knowledge of kiss; the one we do straight from the mouth to mouth; sometimes with mild variations such as biting and nibbling through teeth, and tonguing inside the mouth. The manner in which I and my lover(s) had sex was scripted, predictable and routine. Maybe this is […]

Love Bites – The Necklace Made by My Lover’s Teeth

“What’s on your neck?” asked my friend who was sitting next to me in my writing class. She was referring to the plush red mark engraved on the side of my neck. I smiled as she announced to the class, “She has a hickey!” I was named as the ‘hickey girl’ then. I didn’t mind […]

I will Make your Body a Canvas and Paint as I please

Paint His Body With Your Hands

“A basic lesson to be learned is that we all must be responsible for our own pleasure and our own orgasms. We cannot expect our partner to do it all for us. To learn how to take responsibility of pleasure for ourselves can be learned. The secret is to pay attention to how we feel […]

A Tingling Coconut Oil Hair Massage

Coconut hair oil massage

During the few times, they met, chai, smokes, books, hugs, and conversations were exchanged. Which is when he mentioned his expertise in massage to her. She was in need of one. So she reached his house at the scheduled time. After setting up the lady’s favorite track on YouTube, he hurried and returned with two […]