Heart Salutation Meditation – Couple Intimacy

Heart Salutation Meditation

The heart salutation meditation is a ritual that you should do when you end the day before you sleep or before you make love to each other. The ritual creates a powerful, soothing, and deep connection between you and your partner, helping you break from the toxic mind patterns and taking you to the space […]

Codependence and how our past holds onto us

Toxic Relationship

Kandarp Thaker is a young successful professional based in the US. He is smart, attractive, intelligent, and confident.  So it would be easy to assume that he has had some wonderful relationships, right?  Wrong.  Kandarp has, in the past, been in two long relationships. Both abusive and toxic, the women sought him out (yes, both […]

The Joy of Complaining

I have grown up to believe that happy couples do not fight, do not complain, and most of my life in almost all of my relationships, I have borne the brunt of this misconception. In my marriage, when differences accrued I thought its over, other than that it had become stale. Until recently, I carried […]

Recognize Bids of Your Partner

Couple Relationship

Bids are the attempts a person make to connect with their partner. Bids are the fundamental unit of emotional communication. Bids can be small or big, some bids are easy to see and interpret, others are nearly indecipherable. It’s up to you, you can choose to turn towards – respond – your partner or turn […]

The Feminine Balance in Intimate Relationship

Divine Feminine

Femininity is not just about being overly emotional, beautiful, or vulnerable as has been stereotyped in popular culture. Femininity spans a broad spectrum of extraordinary delightful qualities that are inherent in every woman. Though like a muscle, our femininity atrophies from disuse. Which is what is happening commonly with the pseudo feminism wave that dictates […]

3 Subtle Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationship

We all want love. We all need love. We all long for love. Love is at the core of everything that we do if you come to think of it. We love life, we love our possessions : ), we love our mobile phones, we love our carefully curated social media updates to invoke jealousy […]

What they didn’t tell me about Anal

So my partner and I have been trying to have anal sex for the good part of the last two years, but Jesus, it is so difficult, we just cant seem to figure out how to do it. In all our various and numerous attempts, we have been successful for all of one night. One […]

Scheduled vs Spontaneous Sex

The 21st century life comes with immense time and space constraints so to say and people do not have time to do important things often including sex. Couples often find themselves in a rut in a long-term relationship where sex becomes obligatory and periodical like buying groceries hence scheduled and not spontaneous, or there are […]

Lust is a Misunderstood Emotion

Lust and Temptation

‘I feel lust is an extremely misunderstood emotion.’ When my friend said this, I couldn’t help thinking about lust. I never even saw it as an ‘emotion’. When I hear the word lust, the instant image that comes to mind is something that’s dirty, dark and disrespectful. And that’s because my mind has been conditioned […]

My Lover Expresses His Deepest Sexual Desires With Me

‘I want to make you a carpet of flowers by covering every inch of your body with small kisses and then I want you to mark all those love spots with your coral lipstick.’ My lover whispered from the other end of phone. He holds me dear because apart from other things, I also lend […]