To suffer is to be alive. Happiness is only an Interlude

This is an early morning exchange with Vijay on suffering and happiness. Why do we hide our suffering and why do we project our happiness? What makes us believe that happiness is a goal, something to accomplish while suffering has to be exiled in self-pity Read on… me – Also why men are stupid as […]

Your Go-To Guide On Ethical Porn

Ethical Porn

If you’re living in the 21st century, chances are, you’ve already stumbled upon porn of some sort. Being able to easily access pornographic videos and images has probably changed how an entire generation relates to sex: it’s usually free, it’s fun and it caters to every imaginable fantasy and kink under the sun. So why […]

Open Marriages: A Myth

The very concept of an open marriage is a myth because marriage is a closed institution. Marriage is about establishing a genetic line, about property, about land, about control. It is a business transaction with women as the objects of exchange (paraya dhan). So the idea of an open marriage is just nonsense. But in […]

Intimacy Without Privacy: Sex in Mumbai’s Chawls

Mumbai Chawl

If you could choose any place in the world, what would be your ideal place for sex and intimacy? Maybe you imagine a luxurious room on the top floor of a skyscraper, with french windows and a large bed. Maybe you think of a cozy cottage in the mountains, or a leisurely resort by the […]

The Misfits: To Those Who Dance Through Life

Shiva Shakti

I was a misfit. I discovered love in getting wounded by a society that expected me to live a life that wasn’t meant for me. I found comfort in the beautiful souls who saw through my mask. I love unconditionally, detached from its outcomes.   I found lust without expectations. Yet, on some days I fall on […]

Yes, Women Like Sex- That’s NOT An Invitation for Sexual Harassment

My Body My Choice

Being a woman who talks openly about sex, gender and sexuality has surely made me feel more free and liberated in a conservative society. I get to take charge of my own body, unlearn the sexual shame and restrictions of womanhood, and most enjoyably, I get to explore my own pleasure and what feels good […]

Bring Intimacy to Casual Sex

Night of Passion

We are a generation of casual sex and fluid relationships. But as humans, we invariably seek connection and intimacy, even in casual encounters. Why, then, are we mostly left with an empty feeling after spending a night of passion with someone we barely know? It is primarily due to the mismatch in expectations or lack […]

Why Sexual Violence Happens- And, No

Sexual Assault

Stories about extreme violence and brutality against women have been in the news lately. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Why do we only react when things get so, terribly, painfully bad? Violence doesn’t just start with a horrible incident on a desolate highway. Violence is ambient. Violence starts with the little things. […]

When does a consensual sexual act turn into a # Me Too moment?

Pinjra Tod is one of the few feminist collectives which continues to fight SH on the ground and the internet hordes do not stand outside colleges like they do, fighting case after case. This is part II of the article ‘Some Thoughts on metoo‘ At least five young heterosexual men I know have come to […]

Sex and Power: Some Thoughts on #Me Too


Power is part of all sex. #Me Too in its current avatar in the United States and India singles out one industry – the film industry – with some allied industries coming in – the media, including print media, for example. The words were first used in 2006 by an African-American woman, Tarana Burke, who […]