Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction, Is It Real?

Porn Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of those things that affects many couples, and people still don’t talk about it enough. For some it could be a source of embarrassment and confusion, especially because it is associated with aging, illness or hormonal imbalances. Before getting into this article, remember: a sexual disorder is something that can affect […]

“Stay hard, dammit!!” : Performance Pressure for men with penises.

performance anxiety for men

(The author wishes to clarify that the article talks specifically about men with penises, not to be trans exclusionary, but since he identifies as cis male. He does not wish to appropriate experiences of men who do not have penises. ‘Men with penises’ includes cis, trans and intersex men of all sexualities whose sex life […]

Sex and hygiene

Sexual Hygiene

Apart from the fact that most Indians are among the worst people in bed (both men and women) who just do not know how to have sex (not least because they know nothing about sex except what they learn in substandard porn, which is most porn), there is the additional problem of most Indians being […]

Know your man’s body!

Armpit Hair is Sexy

If it is true that Indian men do not know much about Indian women’s bodies, it is equally the case that Indian women know close to nothing about men’s bodies. If most of the Indian men I have interviewed over three decades now do not know what a clitoris is or where it ought to […]

Performance Anxiety : He Can Get Hard Again

Performance Anxiety

“First time I was having sex with my girlfriend, I got discharged early due to over excitement. Then I controlled my nerves for the second time and my second attempt went good. This made me realize that over excitement is the main culprit for premature ejaculation. – Ashwani Gupta (name not changed)” The conventional male […]

Would We Flaunt if Our Genitals Looked Like This?

Penis Art

There have been umpteen euphemisms attached to our genital organs but the real names of our genitals never formed a part of routine conversations. They are down there, tucked somewhere deep within our panties and Rupa macro man briefs. But one could still feel them, touch them, or smell them. Yeah, I love the sour, […]

When I Clicked his Crotch


No no, I’m not that raunchy as you think of me. It’s my #playfulness coming to the fore. I try to do things that make no sense, no logic because they are sheer fun. It doesn’t matter to me the place, time, occasion, or people. All it matters is whether doing it makes me happy or not. […]