Watching Sex Closer Home

Boy Sneaking in the Room

Mostly unintentionally many parents are guilty of introducing their young children to sex! Parents inadvertently are their children’s first contact with sex and sexual activities. Psychologists also opine that directly or indirectly, the sexuality and sexual relationship of many parents often determines the sexuality of their offspring as an adult and even become the basic […]

When My 7 Year old Child Heard Fuck Word and Asked me

animal mating

“I was about to ask you questions regarding sexual questions my child is raising. My 7 year old daughter spoke to me about the Fuck word. She told me that it is related to licking boys private part. I laughed at it and said that’s not right. What I don’t know is what to say […]

How I as a Mother Understand my Child’s Sexuality

Breastfeeding Mother

“Childhood sex play is not psychologically harmful under ordinary circumstances and is probably a valuable psychosocial experience in developmental terms. However, psychological harm can come from harsh parental reaction. When children are discovered in sex play (touching genitals), from the child’s viewpoint, play is play, but for the parent, SEX in capital letters flashes across […]

Postpartum Depression aka Motherhood Blues

I had a c-section when I gave birth to my son 6 years back. My mother and ex-husband were with me all night in the hospital, while my mother in law stayed at home. Post delivery, I could not feed my son as no milk squirted from my breasts. It was 10 PM in the […]