If Men Could Menstruate

Period Leave

by Gloria Steinem Living in India made me understand that a white minority of the world has spent centuries conning us into thinking a white skin makes people superior, even though the only thing it really does is make them more subject to ultraviolet rays and wrinkles. Reading Freud made me just as skeptical about […]

Romance In The Times of Quarantine

couple foreplay

Millions of couples are locked inside their homes in the days of COVID-19. I am sure, you my reader must be too. While many people are remotely working, the lockdown still leaves us with ample time by reducing our commute time, market trips, and social outings. With nothing else to do, severing all outside distractions […]

My love for BDSM gives me sleepless nights

Shibari Bondage

I have never gotten off to porn that wasn’t violent and bordering on abusive ever. I have been into BDSM since I began masturbating. In fact, I remember repeatedly borrowing Jane Eyre from my school library in 6th grade, because I loved rubbing off to the scene where she is caned for misbehaving. For the […]

The Better Sex Series: Your Lifestyle Matters!

Better sex lifestyle

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sex In a sex-phobic culture, sex is often thrown in the same category as other ‘vices’- smoking, drinking and staying out late. We all know the stereotype of a promiscuous woman with a cigarette in her hand, who indulges in alcohol a little too […]

The Better Sex Series- Don’t Miss Out On Sleep

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sleep We all know the routine. Go to bed late after a Netflix binge, wake up early for that morning jog or meeting at work, and chug down a few cups of black coffee to keep you moving. If the fatigue and headaches get […]

“You’ve Got A Message!” Sex & Desire in A Technological World


For many people, a sex act is valuable only if it ends in penetration. This is probably because society values procreative sex over any other kind of sex. Procreative, penetrative sex is that haloed, esteemed sex act because it either creates a baby, or is seen as some sort of practice for an eventual pregnancy. […]

Why STIs Terrify Me


And what that says about a sexually repressive culture It’s well past midnight, and I’m going down the dark rabbit hole of frantic google searches and WebMD pages. With the modern day availability of the internet, anyone who is overzealous about their health can relate to this feeling all too well. Have an ordinary symptom? […]

Fixed Price

Forbidden Love

I don’t expect to feel much of anything when I see you–it’s been three years since our last encounter– but a visceral swell of excitement and fear swirl in my stomach and recoil like a gun’s trigger. You sit with your legs folded beneath you on a floor covered in old tribal carpets and a […]

Dressing Up Can be a Big Turn On

Popular culture has thrust upon us that nakedness and undressing is sexy or sensual, but a lot of times watching a partner dressing up can cause the same effect. In fact I sometimes think the whole idea of dressing up by brides and grooms for marriage also has a deep sexual and sensual undercurrent. Pooja […]