Is Your Relationship Abusive?

isolation in relationship abuse

Shweta Mishra, aged 21, met her ex-boyfriend at a friend’s party. They soon became close and started seeing each other. The guy had recently gotten out of one relationship and used to get very abusive at times. He would get drunk and talk about his ex-girlfriend which badly affected her self-esteem, to the point where […]

The Better Sex Series: Let’s Talk Mental Health!

Beer date casual sex

A series about how everything else matters when it comes to sex I love sex. Like with most people, sex has always been a source of pleasure, joy and excitement for me. There’s no denying the thrill of bodies. But is this the only story? Though sex should ideally be joyful, this isn’t always the […]

My Vagina Burns and No One Cares

Vaginal Pain

Ever since I was fifteen, I have been trying my very hardest to lose my virginity. But for some reason, the damn penis just refuses to enter my vagina. I tried in a million positions, with multiple penises, but my vagina remains locked up like an old storage room. See the problem was that every […]

What A Girls Hostel Gave Me

Girls Talk on Sex

(That Sex Education Never Could) There are twelve girls sitting on the floor. One of them is miming something with unusual objects- a hair clip, a bottle of glue, a tube of lotion. Everyone is roaring with laughter. This was a scene from my hostel days in high school. The girl doing the silly mime […]

Masturbation as Meditation

Masturbation Pleasure

The way sexual energy moves and the duration sexual pleasure lasts is largely dependent on how we have programmed our bodies through self-pleasuring, (masturbation) When a boy is growing up, he gets to learn about masturbation from porn or from his circle of same-age friends, not from a trusted adult, who tells him that it […]

When Should You Have Your First Sexual Experience?

Sex Education

Young people today are faced with a unique contradiction when it comes to sex and sexual experiences. On one hand, an older generation of parents, mentors and teachers largely believe that pre-marital sex is wrong, and that young people should not express their sexuality in any way at all. We all know that look of […]

Internet Safety for Teens – My Story

Online Saftey and Kids

I failed to consider two things that fateful night when I logged on to Omegle. com. One, that the electricity in our home was out, and my room, like everything else was shrouded in darkness. Two, my bedroom door was in fact, wide open, not securely shut. So while I was busy texting strangers about […]

How I overcame my porn addiction

Porn Addiction

At the age of 15, after spending 8 hours continuously watching porn, and realising that this was the 5th night that week I had spent like that, I had to admit to myself that I was indeed addicted to porn. The realisation struck home a singular type of terror and isolation that I had never […]

Incomplete is complete

The Wet Body

What started with simple and casual friendship over the phone, turned into an intense attraction and grew over us with time. A progressive and ambitious man fell for my ‘independence’ and dreams and I found myself happy in his simplicity and rawness. Well! Independence in the sense that I was single at 38, left my […]

Sexual Wisdom For My Teenage Self

There are 1,30,000 rape and molestation cases pending in courts that are spread all across our country. On an average 30,000 weddings happen in India every day. The former route is not feasible, don’t even think about it. The latter is a path for those who want to manage high-end responsibilities, so forget that also. […]