How I dealt with a Romantic Rejection

Coping with rejection in Love

Yesterday I went on what felt like a teen date. I was youthful in my excitement, giddy with hormones and emotions. The first time he invited me for tea, I actually turned it down as I was reluctant to meet him too soon. He politely accepted this. But I couldn’t bring myself to stay away, […]

From Intercourse to Intracourse

To be able to connect with the body of the ‘other’, you have to first learn to connect to your own body. But are we? It’s easy to say of course yes. You will say, how is it possible that we are not connected to our body? We inhabit our bodies; breath in them; eat […]

Do you Jerk off ? Of course I do

When I was 13 years old, I was in class 7th. I sat with a boy who was dirty in his mind. This is not what I thought about him but other kids told me so. They also warned me to be beware of him. One day, this dirty boy asked me whether I shake […]

Know Your Breakup

Long time back I suffered through a breakup. I cried overnight; sitting on the desk of my cubicle; while returning home from office. In short, I cried all the time. At that time, I felt that the world has got over for me, all my dreams have withered and I will never find happiness again. […]

Girlfriends Are Not Mothers

Tired Girlfriend

This morning on the metro ride, a young teenager stood in front of me. She was scribbling notes to herself in her mobile and I could not help overlook her phone. There were a few words she mentioned in that long note to herself Ego, Loss, Responsibility. A word cloud of relationships, I thought! Her choice of sentences […]