Five Dimensions of Erotic Touch

The essence of sexuality is giving and receiving pleasure-oriented touching. Touching happens both inside and outside the bedroom. Touching is valued for itself and does not always lead to intercourse. Couples who want to maintain a vital sexual relationship can use the metaphor of touching consisting of “five gears” (dimensions). Affectionate Touch Sensual Touch Playful […]

Your Very Own Guide To Roleplay!

Role-play! Maybe it makes you think of Fifty Shades of Grey, or a scene from a porno that you saw. But roleplay isn’t just for the screen! It can totally spice things up in a realistic way in your bedroom. So what if you’re into the idea of roleplaying with your partner and don’t know […]

Commitment-phobia Leads to Heartbreak: Here are the Warning Signs


Boy meets girl, sparks fly, girl falls in love and then boy… has deep rooted commitment issues. He loves the chase, the sex, the romance, but not the everyday nitty gritties of a relationship. Girl craves for something more stable and is left heartbroken. Before we get started, I’d like you to know that this […]

Building The Emotional Bank Account Of Your Relationship

relationship satisfaction

Got a message ‘Your account has been credited with xx Rs’ on salary days; days bank pays interest; or when someone pays you back an amount long due? How does it feel? It feels good right! Most of us work to earn and depend on our income to live our cherished dreams of having our […]

Take a 90-day Probation Period to Date

swipe or not

My friend Ann recently shared in a closed group how she has grown selective about giving a man access to her body. Ann was not always like this. Free-spirited and wild are adjectives that suit her perfectly. At one point in her life she had multiple sexual partners and confided in me that she would […]