Sexual Confidence: How To Find Yours?

How to build sexual confidence

I wonder if there is any other topic than sex that is surrounded by so many complicated and mixed notions. It can be as simple as an erotic act and as complex as our deep-set desires and beliefs. In a world where sex is either served wrapped in toxic messages such as it is sinful […]

Womb Bliss – The Power Of Conscious Menstruation

Conscious Menstruation

“Menstruation is a deeply shamanic experience of death and rebirth; we are releasing and rebirthing in a profound bio-spiritual journey. It is also a very primal moment when we remember our true origins.” – Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand. Conscious Menstruation is an ancient feminine practice that brings deep feminine wisdom to your womb that […]

What Menstrual Cups Taught Me

When I first got my periods, I was devastated. The monthly pain, fatigue and discomfort overwhelmed me, not to mention the overnight assumption that I had suddenly ‘become a woman.’ My child’s body was now a sexual body. It meant covering up, not drawing attention to my curves, and of course, maintaining distance from boys. […]

Sex as an escape from reality

sex addiction

When I had sex for the first time, I fell in love with the way it made me feel. It filled a void in me, making me feel wanted and loved. Sex made up for the emotional lacuna I felt within all the time. It gave me a high that nothing else could give. Before […]

You Can’t Have Sex Positivity Without Body Positivity- Here’s Why!

Body Positivity

I like having my stomach touched and kissed during sex. It feels like warm honey. The slightest butterfly kiss on my belly makes me shudder. But something holds me back. I often feel like my belly isn’t flat enough. All my healthy eating and sweaty hours in the gym made my shoulders stronger, biceps more […]

All About BOOBS

breasts as sexual organs

“I was her new paying guest. The landlady seemed friendly and helpful….While helping me with the heavy luggage up the stairs Deepa ji dropped a bag again and before I could pick it she subconsciously bent down to pick it. I tried not to stare but I caught a glimpse of a deep cleavage inside […]

The Freedom of Going Braless


Anyone who wears bras on the regular knows the liberating freedom of coming back home and yanking that bra off. For a long time, this was something I looked forward to- returning to my room after a long day, feeling the sweet relief of unhooking my bra and standing with arms open under the fan […]

The Clitoris Exists Only For Pleasure

Female Orgasm

And that’s pretty cool, so why don’t people talk about it more? I didn’t know what the clitoris was until I was seventeen years old and in my first year of college. Seventeen! Which meant I had spent a good part of my teen years not knowing what pleasure felt like, let alone an orgasm. […]

They’re Peaking – That’s what she said

That’s what she said is an anecdotal series by Aastha D. where fragments of her life reveal, reflect, provoke and incite. The windows to my tiny, linear bedroom were the sliding kind, spanning the entire length of the largest wall. They overlooked the colony’s playground and were flanked by two other buildings that did the […]

I want to Host a Masturbation Party like Betty Dodson

screaming o-vibe massager from IMBesharam

Betty Dodson is a wild woman. She is wild in the sense of undomesticated; she lives outside many of society’s normative restrictions. Betty Dodson is a wolf in wilderness, howling at the moon, reminding us of our primal sexual nature. Her drawings and paintings depict women and men naked and sexual and inherently beautiful making […]