When She Pleasured Her Body

Woman's Breasts

“I’m penning this from the experience of my friend, who found that her body talks to her. Yes, our bodies talk to, only when we listen to it. She listened to her body through her hands, exploring it with patience, she gave her body all that was pure pleasure. She owned her pleasure!” Today, I […]

When I Shed My Clothes At Home

Love Your Nakedness

When was the last time you were naked for the joy of it? It can nourish your life more than you imagine! As adults, we only ever think of nakedness as a means to achieve an end. Undressing is something we *do* to our bodies to be able to have sex, clean ourselves, or change […]

How a Servile Wife Expresses Her Sexual Urge or Disinclination

Wife sexual desire

Sometime back, I attended a HIV/ AIDS awareness workshop conducted by an NGO. The facilitator, dear James was invited from outside. James is in his early 50s and has done considerable work in rural pockets of Rajasthan where there is a high oppression of women. James is a happy and cheerful man and being the […]

Sexuality of a Beggar Woman

It was a scorching summer month of May. I was sitting in an air-conditioned bus at Ranchi bus stand. The bus was yet to start as it had not been fully occupied. Like a deft suitor, the conductor called out passengers and lured them to take his bus. It looked like a Swayamvara, hoards of […]

Our Bodies Speak Too

Sometime back I attended a workshop on ‘Body Rights’. In that session, the facilitator asked us to form pairs and play a 5 min ‘Body Mirror’ game. In that game, one participant in the pair becomes a body and the other participant becomes a mirror. i) The body will do different movements without taking a […]