How To Rebuild Yourself After Emotional Abuse

Healing from Emotional Abuse

Maybe he bought you tickets to a concert and made you feel so beautiful as you curled your hair and wore your favourite denim dress. Just to smash open your phone and leave you alone on the street, all because he doesn’t like the way a man looks at you. Maybe he would show you […]

My Thirties are Sexy!

“In youth we learn; in age we understand.” – Ebner-Eschenbach I recently celebrated my 34th birthday. A friend wished me ‘Happy growing old.’ I remember the year I turned thirty. I felt sad bidding adieu to my twenties as if I was parting from a loved one, never to see him again. However, I love […]

Lust is a Misunderstood Emotion

Lust and Temptation

‘I feel lust is an extremely misunderstood emotion.’ When my friend said this, I couldn’t help thinking about lust. I never even saw it as an ‘emotion’. When I hear the word lust, the instant image that comes to mind is something that’s dirty, dark and disrespectful. And that’s because my mind has been conditioned […]

I Escaped Porn Addiction

Come out of Porn

It started out of curiosity. I was in that unstable teenage phase when hormones raged high. I had just finished my 9th standard exams and was enjoying my summer holidays. I used to hang out at my friend’s place after dinner. 3-4 of us used to sit in his backyard and play cards or other […]

Our Sexual Memories

Sexual Memories

He surely knows how to keep me glued to him. Half an hour back as we were returning late night from a meeting to home; we overheard autorickshaw drivers calling out commuters to a distant location. I have a small flat in that location that is now put on rent. I signaled this to the […]

An Artist at Flirting

I am a natural flirt. I flirt with life and with everyone I come in contact with – the waiters, bartenders, receptionists, men and women of all ages. However, I rarely come across someone who matches my flirting skills. This art of flirting came to me with my sexual self-awareness and freedom. A woman who […]

When I didn’t yield to the temptation

In the middle of the day, I message my friend, ‘I saw that man today, you know who. All I want is that kiss. I can’t focus.’ She replies, ‘Snap out. Snap out.’ The man in question is someone I slept with a few months ago. I had known him for a while. I felt […]

The Journey of Acceptance of my Sexuality

I didn’t know for a long time that it was okay to want sex. That it was fine to desire men (in the plural). That it was natural to feel the fire of passion burning inside me when my body wanted sex. That it was alright to want more sex than the man I was […]

On Fantasizing About Other People During Sex

Our Dark Fantasies

Is it normal? And could it actually spice up your sex life? “It’s a common story that most couples go through. That business about “love everlasting” is a myth that ends after we get married. Very few couples can sustain monogamy within marriage and have orgasms. If fantasizing someone else helps, then go for it.” […]

When I had the Best Ever Makeup Sex

makeup sex

I do remember about the fight between me and my partner that happened sometime back but don’t remember the reason behind it. It is always he said and me said tussle. The mundane war of words, but somehow these arguments give both of us (particularly me) such a kick that I forget my other failures […]