Sex is a skill. You can enhance your pleasure and the pleasure you give to your partner by upgrading your sex techniques, bedroom communication skills, and erotic creativity. Take a webinar with our team of sexperts and build your sexual confidence and pleasure potential!

Are you struggling in your relationship at a sexual and/or emotional level? Do you feel that sex has become a chore and you are participating in sex just because your partner wants it? Are you struggling to reach an orgasm or have a problem getting an erection? Maybe you’re struggling in your relationship and feel you and your partner are just roommates with no emotional connection? 

Don't worry, I have got your back

Creating a thriving, juicy, sexual relationship is a skill but growing up we have not learnt those skills in our institutions and families. Sex word is a taboo and all we have got in the name of relationship is ‘adjust’.

This is why I have launched this range of courses on pleasure, intimacy, and sexuality addressing every possible area of challenge in your sex life and relationship to enable you to experience the mind-blowing sex and intimacy you desire and DESERVE.


Our Courses

Lack of sexual desire is a pressing problem in long term couples today. Sex is not something one can be forced to have, sex is a want. But what happens when you no longer want sex, or maybe you want sex but not with your partner. How do you tackle sexual desire challenges and how can you rekindle sexual desire in your bedroom? I’ll guide you into a different way of thinking, talking and experiencing sexuality so you again feel erotic, vibrant, and alive in your sexuality.

Vaginismus is a spasm of the vaginal muscles  which makes intercourse either impossible or extremely painful. This spasm is not intentional and completely out of the woman’s control. Many marriages remain “sexless: because of this condition. In this course, we will help you unlock yourself from this endless cycle of pain, fear and frustration so that you can have pain free, pleasurable sex.

Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction is the most common male sexual problem. PE and ED can be because of psycholoigcal, relational, physical factors and thus require a multidimensional treatment involving counseling, wellness, education, and medications if needed. This expert backed, science based online course is your most comprehensive guide in dealing with PE and ED.

Sex is a normal human need. It is normal to want sex and enjoy sex. Porn is an erotic stimulant and many people watch porn and enjoy it. However in certain people porn becomes an escape mechanism to deal with negative feeling states of loneliness, stress, anxiety, boredom, pain, family and life problems. This course will help you in impulse control, self-soothe, and reinstate balance in your life so you can leave your out-of-control porn watching and change your life positively and permanently.

Modern romantic relationships are not the same as they were for our parents and grandparents. Modern intimate relationships are more complex where we want our partner to understand us, heal us, lust us, hail us, and comfort us. The expectations from one person have dramatically increased, however we have not received relationship education to support this intricate relationship. In this course you will get the tools to have a thriving, connected, and passionate intimate relationship.


The research is clear: the quality of our relationship determines the quality of our life. Yet we’re never taught how to “do” them. Instead, we grow up learning about relationships from fairy tales, romantic fiction novels, movies and outdated parental advice that leave us ill-prepared for the realities of modern intimate partnership. Our culture idolizes falling in love but does not teach us how to sustain a real life love. In this course you will get the tools to have a thriving, connected, and passionate intimate relationship.

Love starts with you. In order to attract a healthy romantic partner, you must first become a good partner to yourself. If you abandon yourself, you will attract people who abandon you. This course will help you explore and commit to your own emotional and psychological well-being so you can attract the partner of your dreams.

What will you get?

  • Modules based online content 

  • Access at your own time anywhere via laptop or smartphone;

  • Free individual attention via our group coaching

  • A deeper understanding of sexuality, intimate relationships; and trauma recovery

  • Coaching methods that cut through hopelessness; and inspire positive outcomes

  • A supportive community of others on this path via private FB group

  • Enough time and guidance for lasting transformation;

  • An array of bonuses, pleasure practices, interventions to reprogram your mind, body for pleasure and intimacy

  • Lifetime access;

  • Unlimited enlightenment, self-awareness, and fun!