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Would you like to better explore questions of intimacy and sexuality? With our online courses, you can learn about a variety of topics like dating, sexual communication, toxic relationships, and more, from the comfort and safety of your own home.

With each highly informative and specialised course, you will get lifetime access to a wealth of information that you can access anywhere, at any time, to further your understanding of a topic and develop the tools to face every challenge in your sexual and intimate lives.

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Art of Sexual Communication

Sexual Communication is like the fuel to the fire of your arousal. It not only maintains your excitement in the bedroom but also enhances it. Assimilating dirty talk into your sex life is like adding a bit of spice into a bland dish. Dirty talk brings flavor and freshness into your sex life. It kills tedium and makes your sex life feel alive. If you struggle with talking dirty, know that you are not alone. Most of us have grown up in conservative communities, where sex is taboo. This has severely affected our confidence in the bedroom. This course will give you all the tools you need to conquer your fears and dirty talk like a pro, no matter what your upbringing or past experiences are!

Dating with Clarity, Compassion, and Confidence

Dating is an act of courage I will say. Especially in this high-volume online dating app culture where there is a limitless pool of prospects, one gets the illusion of unlimited choice and also becomes more confused on what to choose. Ghosting is rampant and people get unmatched in a second. Most people end up feeling like they are nothing more than someone else’s option. I understand how hard dating is.

The uncertainty of dating is really anxiety-producing. To be vulnerable to let someone know that you like them, wondering whether they like you back or not and bearing the risk and pain of getting ghosted, all of this is hard! The time between initial match, and commitment involves so many micro-steps. As a love coach, I am here to offer support and encouragement for the courage it takes for you to navigate all the complexity. In my dating education online course, you get the self and relational empowerment tools to date with compassion, clarity, and confidence.

Healing from Toxic Relationship

If you have survived a toxic relationship, give yourself a pat on the back. Yes, just to survive! Toxic relationship is that acid that scars you from the inside out. You know that feeling of constant anxiety, being invalidated, disrespected, blamed, and discarded. A toxic partner feeds on our self-esteem, our worth, our well-being like a parasite. You might feel all lost, spent, and depressed and this is okay! This is normal. What I want to remind you is that you survived such a nasty spell in life. That means you have courage to thrive!

Trauma is also the birthplace of healing, transformation, and growth. In this toxic relationship transformation online course, you can break free from the cycle of toxic relationships with unloving and disrespecting partner(s), self-doubt, guilt-trips, and suffering, to a life of inner peace, self-love, endless self-esteem, and lots of happiness. You will attract a stable, loving, and right partner.

Bringing Passion Back : Repair a Sexless Marriage

If you are married yet living like roommates, you know it is incredibly hard. You desperately want sexual intimacy and your pleas fall on deaf ears of your partner. You long for physical touch, sexual pleasure and your partner is either too busy, or disinterested in sex. A sexless marriage can shake the marriage stability and mental peace of the high sex drive partner who is denied sexual intimacy by the sexless partner.

Reading this brings you relief right! You now know that someone understands your feelings about the void in your life. Thankfully, there is hope and solution for a sexless marriage. I have created this online course that offers you a bold, fresh, non-conventional approach and powerful tools to help you rekindle the sexual passion in your bedroom.

From Pain to Pleasure : Overcoming Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition that affects tens of thousands of women! In Vaginismus, the vaginal muscles of a woman involuntarily contract when her partner attempts penetration. The contractions can prevent sexual intercourse or make it extremely painful. Vaginismus is a leading cause of unconsummated marriages, where the couple has been married but unable to have intercourse. The condition has psychological, social, biological causes or all three of them. Unfortunately, given the stigma and misinformation surrounding female sexuality, many women are not able to seek treatment for Vaginismus.

It is not uncommon for a woman with this condition to stay silent through the intense pain to satisfy their partner or start avoiding sex altogether leading to severe marital/ relationship distress. But the good news is that with the right guidance, you can overcome Vaginismus and have a good sex life! Our online course outlines the best exercises, tips, and information to make sex possible.

Healing From Sexual Trauma

Childhood sexual abuse rips you at your core: In traumatic memories, confusing feelings, self-hatred, relationship struggles, disconnect with your body, and more. It also affects our relationship with sexuality. Common Sexual Experience After Unresolved Trauma range from no desire to have sex to extremely high desire to have sex. You may feel a disconnect with your body or numbness while engaging in sex. Guilt, fear, disgust or pain may come up while you are being touched.

If the painful past of childhood sexual abuse is affecting your relationship with sexuality, this course is for you. As a childhood sexual abuse survivor and CSA recovery coach, I have coached many women who were stuck in the past to help them move on from that traumatic past. This course is a scientifically informed and compassionate guide towards healing from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and reestablish a healthy relationship with sexuality.

Lasting Longer : Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a commonly occurring sexual problem in men. PE is defined as when a man ejaculates before he wishes to. The sexually normal male has a conscious control over his ejaculation timing that is he can decide when to cum. Normal ejaculation control does not mean being able to bang away at full speed for hours until his partner comes as they show in porn.

Normal ejaculation control means a reasonable degree of control which allows a man to thrust while he is at a high level of pleasure and arousal until he chooses to “let go” and come. But premature ejaculators do not have this kind of “reasonable” conscious control. They ejaculate quickly and suddenly as soon as they start thrusting or within 2-3 mins. Whether they want it or not. This online course teaches men skills to last longer in bed. It is a practical self-help program to help you overcome Premature Ejaculation.

Unlock the Power of Intuition

So often we come across the word “Gut Feeling”. People say trust your gut feeling, but what does it mean? How to know if it is a gut feeling or a mind thought and more importantly, how to make decisions with a gut feeling? Gut Feeling, instinct, or intuition, is your inner voice. Intuition is not thinking. Intuition is internal — You just ‘know’ it. Your intuition arises as a feeling within your body that you can sense. Each one of us had occasions in our life when we felt that feeling of intuition. The feeling of intuition is quite subtle and thus is easy to miss.

The process of trusting your intuition is not simple, especially when our ego and people add a layer of complexity and confusion. Should I go by my intuition, or should I thoroughly think over it? All these dilemmas pull us away from our intuition and make us stuck! But luckily our intuition is coded in our being, hence even if we’ve been out of touch with our intuition in our life, it still resides inside us, waiting for us to summon its wisdom. Cultivating your intuition can help you make better decisions that will lead to a healthier life and relationship. It’s a skill you’ll want to start using. In this online program, you will learn how to identify your INTUITION and the actual process of using your intuition to make the right decisions and choices.