The Sexually Empowered Woman


An online sex therapy course that teaches you the most powerful insights and practices to heal negative sexual beliefs and experiences and freely connect with your body and sexuality so you can fully experience joy, health, sexual pleasure, orgasms, and intimacy, even if you don’t know where to start.

Imagine a world

where women are free to embrace every aspect of their sexuality…

She doesn’t have to sit ladylike with thighs closed

she can lick an ice cream making all the delicious sounds of mhmm without caring what anyone thinks

She can wink, make the first move, and sway her hips as she walks carefree on the road

She claims pleasure as her birthright and has no shame and embarrassment around sex

A world where women are sexually clear, confident, and expressive…

A world where you can draw on divine feminine energies to inspire your imagination… …where you can access, all that it means to be a luscious, sexually empowered woman. Imagine if you could embody what Helen Reddy sang way back in the 1970s: “I am woman, hear me roar…” …in every part of life. Especially in your sex life.

But are we living in this world?

Unfortunately no.

We live in a world where a vast majority of women are ashamed about how their genitals look and smell. We live in a world where moms pack away their sexuality after the kids are born. We live in a world where the thoughts of our parents being sexual make us cringe and feel uncomfortable. We live in a world where we had to learn the name of our genitals, sex, and masturbation from friends, movies, porn.

It is no wonder that a vast majority of women in this world are still confused, traumatized, deeply disconnected, and limited about their sexuality.

You didn’t learn this growing up

Scant sex education and refusal to acknowledge sex as pleasure in our society set a path toward failure for most of us in our sex lives.

Maybe you were body shamed or had way too many bad sexual experiences. This can make it difficult to accept oneself and lead to self-doubts.

But you are not alone. ‘’ of women struggle with their sexiness. ‘’ have not experienced orgasms ever. If you think you are one of these women, we welcome you here.

That’s why we created this ‘sexually empowered woman’ course

I was a sexually inhibited woman

Pallavi Barnwal

I was one such woman in my 20s who thought that sex is all about pleasing the other person and finding some breadcrumbs of pleasure for me during the process. I couldn’t speak about my needs in my bedroom with lover(s). I did not know what turns me on and what I feel pleasure in. When a lover said in the middle of an intercourse that my vagina is loose and hence he is not able to ejaculate, I believed it and further coiled in sexual shame. I was lip tied about telling men what I want because I was so clueless about my body, my pleasure and this inhibition reflected in all dimensions of my life.

Most women do not feel confident about expressing themselves sexually and sometimes don’t even know how to begin.

Why is sex essential?

Your sexuality is a part of your identity. You are born out of sex and hence sex is a life force that is embedded in your very being. Your body is a gift of divine life and has portals of pleasure locked inside it. However, growing up in a system, a society filled with shame and taboo around nudity, pleasure, we become disconnected from our pleasure, our sensuality. Thus, pleasure becomes a quest. We need to do things to feel pleasure – watch a show, smoke or binge on food, shop frequently and mindless Instagram scroll.

Your sexuality is the gateway to pleasure

Pleasure that is accessible to you at all the time, in ups and downs of life, in happiness and grief, a pleasure that is mindful, body full, and soulful. When you access this pleasure, the relationship with self and your partner becomes more juicy, fulfilling, and intimate.

About the Facilitator

I am a Sex Geek, pleasure educator, and sexual empowerment facilitator – fascinated by sex at all levels: physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, historically, plus a few other -ally’s. I’ve studied the scientific, the academic, the esoteric, Tantra and Taoist sexual approaches. I’ve studied, researched and explored… in books and my own love life And along the way I’ve grown as a woman, and I’ve spent many thousands of hours helping thousands of women grow and open up to their sexuality.

Now my whole life is devoted to helping people, women and men, experience their authentic sexual pleasure.

Let us start the journey of sexual awakening

For women everywhere who are reaching for their greater sexual potential and who are willing to express it as they find it.

This course is designed to open you up to a broader range of possibilities of what it means to be feminine, what it means to be a woman, a modern, sexual woman; what it means to get in touch with your real sexual self and reach your sexual potential – and female sexual potential is incredible indeed. Whether you are just starting out on your sexual discovery (and I can tell you that often it’s not until a woman hits her mid 30s or beyond that she’s ready to start) or further advanced on your journey of sexual exploration, this program can help you move your sexuality to a new plane, achieving greater sexual-awareness, more loving, passionate and deeper intimate relationships, and of course, greater sexual satisfaction

Do something new. You deserve it.

This Course is for YOU if


  • You have lost connection with your sexual desire
  • You struggle with orgasms but don’t know how to get there
  • You think orgasm is only to do with your genitals and body parts
  • You feel your thoughts and perspective create a barrier in your sexual pleasure
  • You want to improve your sexual relationship with your partner

Sneak peak into Sexually Empowered Woman program:

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