If you have ever googled any of these things, lived in  a sexless marriage or experienced  excruciating vaginal pain during a gynecologist exam; you may be suffering from Vaginismus.

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a condition characterized by involuntary muscle contractions in the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vaginal opening. These contractions can be so strong that they make penetration or attempted penetration, such as during sexual intercourse or using tampons, extremely painful or even impossible.

In India, dealing with vaginismus can be tricky because of cultural, social, and healthcare issues. These challenges can make it hard to understand, get help for, and manage vaginismus.

Cultural Taboos and Stigma: In India, people often feel uncomfortable talking openly about sex and sexual health due to traditional beliefs.

Limited Sexual Education: Many people in India don’t have enough information about sexual health.

Misdiagnosis and Lack of Awareness: Sometimes, doctors might not know much about vaginismus, leading to confusion.

Cultural Pressure for Marriage and Intimacy: Because getting married and having physical relationships are important in India, vaginismus can cause extra stress.

Limited Access to Specialized Care: Finding the right kind of medical help for vaginismus can be hard.
Lack of right resources: Sometimes, the right resources or information
might not be available.

Internet and Misinformation: The internet can have wrong or unreliable information about vaginismus.

We’re here to help you. We’ll address these problems by using a mix of
solutions, like providing accurate information and better treatment
options, improving access to specialized care, and making it easier to
talk about sexual health.

I can guide you through a complete approach to treating vaginismus
that looks at your whole body, pelvic floor muscles, breathing pattern and other factors, which can give you long-lasting relief and make you feel better overall.

In reality, it’s not your fault And there is help (and hope)

I am here to help you unlock yourself from this endless cycle of pain, fear and frustration

Dr. Richa Rehan, PT
Owner & Pelvic Physiotherapy Expert
Harmony Physiotherapy I Athletico Sports Physiotherapy
Pronouns: She / Her

After so many years of helping thousands of women and people who experience really strong and long-lasting sexual pain, I’m confident about what actually helps. In this masterclass, you’ll learn why painful sex happens and what you can do at home to make sex enjoyable and not painful!

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me, join me for my online masterclass:...

Mind and Vaginismus

Pallavi Barnwal- Intimacy Coach

Mind plays an all important role in vaginismus.

Psychological factors such as anxiety, relationship problems, fear of penetration, chronic frustration, disappointment, and unhelpful beliefs can lead to vaginismus even when sexual organs are fine. However Vaginismus is not in the woman’s “head”. Rather, it is a real physical pain from the panic reaction to penetration.

Owing to lack of sex ed, there are many myths that cause fear such as “first intercourse will be painful”, “you will bleed on your first night” or women should not complain about pain and simply endure it. On top of this, the physiological fact that vulvas and vaginas are not accessible add various myths about anatomy:

  • That our vaginas are fragile and can break

  • Breaking of hymen

  • Stigma around masturbation and touching

Psychological fear and anxiety constricts vaginal muscles making penetration impossible or difficult. In this workshop, we will learn anxiety reducing techniques to relax your mind, body, and vagina.

client Testimonials: Richa was a blessing. I had so much pain in my lower back, discomfort in my abdomen and pain with sex. After getting treatment from her not just the relief from pain also the freedom and confidence have been immeasurable. So much knowledge and very personable.

Sex CAN be an enjoyable experience!

All you have to do is to acknowledge your problem and seek expert help!

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