Healing from Painful Sex

Online Masterclass- Get yourself out of pain into pleasure!

Why is sex so painful?

Why is my vagina so tight?

Why can’t I have sex despite really wanting to?

Why is there a wall in my vagina ?

I really love my partner but my vagina isn’t listening!


If you have ever googled any of these things, lived in  a sexless marriage or experienced  excruciating vaginal pain during a gynecologist exam; you may be suffering from Vaginismus.

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is a spasm of muscles around the vaginal ( called Pelvic floor Muscles) canal which makes any penetration – from a penis, finger, speculum etc, either impossible or extremely painful. This spasm is not intentional and completely out of the woman’s control.

Many marriages remain unconsummated because of this condition. By some estimates , as many as 40% of women in India experience pain with penetration. Most don’t tell anyone. The ones who seek help are told that pain is just “in your head”.  Due to the social taboo ad lack of awareness, these women suffer in silence, convinced its your fault.

In reality, it’s not your fault And there is help (and hope)

I am here to help you unlock yourself from this endless cycle of pain, fear and frustration

Dr. Nidhi Sharma
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Board Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist

Over the past 15 years, I have worked with thousands of women to not only enable pain free vaginal penetration but to also empower them to find pleasure in the act. 


It is gratifying when I see women who are convinced that nothing, not even a pencil size object could enter their vaginal opening. And within a few days of therapy, they see the light. They see and feel the change in their vaginal tension and tightness. 

What makes my approach unique is that I look at Vaginismus from a holistic perspective. I am a pelvic floor specialist , so obviously I know everything about the pelvic floor muscles. But what I also know is that stretching these muscles by having more sex or forcibly using dilators isn’t going to work. 


My expertise isn’t just training these muscles but also to help you and your body understand why they are tight in the first place. I will help you understand why dilators do not work for so many women. I will help you find the ease and comfort in your own body in a way that will change the way you look at yourself. I will help you discover the power and pleasure in your own body. 

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me, join me for my online masterclass:...

Mind and Vaginismus

Mind plays an all important role in vaginismus. Psychological factors such as anxiety, relationship problems, fear of penetration, chronic frustration, disappointment, and unhelpful beliefs can lead to vaginismus even when sexual organs are fine. However Vaginismus is not in the woman’s “head”. Rather, it is a real physical pain from the panic reaction to penetration.

Owing to lack of sex ed, there are many myths that cause fear such as “first intercourse will be painful”, “you will bleed on your first night” or women should not complain about pain and simply endure it. On top of this, the physiological fact that vulvas and vaginas are not accessible add various myths about anatomy:

1. That our vaginas are fragile and can break
2. Breaking of hymen
3. Stigma around masturbation and touching

Psychological fear and anxiety constricts vaginal muscles making penetration impossible or difficult. In this workshop, we will learn anxiety reducing techniques to relax your mind, body, and vagina.


    DAY 1 

  1. What is vaginismus and why it happens
  2. Which obstructing beliefs you have
  3. How you can positively influence your thoughts
  4. How you can relax your body and pelvic floor muscles
  5. Discover your yoni (VAGINA)
    How to masturbate if I don’t like doing it
  6. How to insert a finger inside vagina
  7. Heart-Vulva connection signature technique


    DAY 2 

  1. What are the usual treatment options
  2. Why can dilators make symptoms worse
  3. Downregulation + progressive muscle relaxation
  4. Pelvic floor stretching routine
  5. Exercises and Stretches for pelvic pain relief
  6. My highly successful treatment approach is based on 3 pillars of sexual health

You will walk away from this masterclass with a better understanding of this condition and roadmap in your head about the next steps in your healing journey.

Sex CAN be an enjoyable experience!

All you have to do is to acknowledge your problem and seek expert help!