Heart Salutation Meditation – Couple Intimacy

Heart Salutation Meditation

The heart salutation meditation is a ritual that you should do when you end the day before you sleep or before you make love to each other. The ritual creates a powerful, soothing, and deep connection between you and your partner, helping you break from the toxic mind patterns and taking you to the space of abundance. If you are single you can also do heart meditation to connect to your inner light, inner spirit, and feel abundant love for yourself. It helps you radiate the warm, fulfilling energy that helps you attract the right people in your life.

How to practice this ritual –

So I invite you now to sit opposite each other if you are together with your partner and if you are alone, to sit on your own in the middle of the sacred space if that is in your bedroom then you may want to sit in the middle of your bed and if that is another room, you may want to find a comfortable chair, an arm chair or a sofa. Lots of pillows so you really comfortable. Now as you sit, make sure that your spine is relaxed and straight, your belly loose and your shoulders relaxed. My favourite position is to sit in the semi lotus cross legged position on a pillow facing my partner. Try it.

It is inspired by the traditional namaste greeting used in the “East” signifying I honour the god or the goddess within you. This greeting ritual communicates that both of you are ready to enter into a sacred moment. You are saying to each other, I recognize and honour you from the heart. Such a practice breaks away from our normal behaviour and attitudes and especially beneficial when we enter into our space after spending the day focused mostly on hectic activities and business with others. As you acknowledge this deep connection to the divine part of your spirit, you may wish to let go any lingering resentments against each other or against yourself. Through the heart salutation, you are making the choice to honour each other’s higher self and relate at the level that transcends whatever divides you.

You can do this salutation alone directing your greeting to your own higher self, you do honour and love as much as your partner is. If you are together, you sit, look in each other eyes, take a deep breath haa. For a moment, a few seconds, enjoy the beauty the presence of the person in front of you. Or enjoy connecting with your ‘self’, feeling appreciation for who you are. Now stretching your arms forward with the hands cupped against each other as in the prayer position, the fingers stretched out, let your fingertips touch the floor beneath you or the bed or the chair, imagine that you are touching the earth itself.

And imagine that you are inhaling the energy of earth and bending your arms forward bringing your cupped hands to your chest, you are inhaling the energy of the earth to your chest, bringing it to your heart. Take a deep inhale. Now on the exhale, keeping your hands where they are, gently bend forward keeping your spine straight bending forward at the 45 degree angle until your forehead touches the forehead of your partner. Keeping your eyes open looking into your partner’s eyes and then closing your eyes, gathering the energy to your self feel the connection with your inner sky, with your spirit as your third eyes touch. When the exhale is finished gently inhale, come back to center with your spine straight, your hands still cupped on your chest. And then on the exhale ha let your arms stretch out and your fingertips again touch the floor or the earth or the bed in front of you. Feeling that you have taken the energy from the sky back to your heart and from your heart back to the earth.

Try it again, fingers touching earth, inhaling earth energy to heart, bending forward back straight, exhaling heart energy to sky, third eyes touching, eyes open and then eyes closed, touching sky, touching spirit, inhaling back straight come back to center, hands on heart, taking sky energy to heart, exhaling arms stretched out, fingertips touching earth, bringing heart energy to earth.

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