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Frequently Asked Questions

The discussion between any of our experts and you will remain strictly confidential. To follow the strong ethic on sensitive matters where we understand how important it is to have a safe space, we have a mutual NDA in place that is signed by you and us before we begin the discussion so that you can trust our work ethics.

First session is a diagnostic session where our expert will identify the root cause of the problem. They will then recommend a coaching/ therapy plan that ranges between 3-7 sessions. The sessions are conducted on a weekly basis with activities/ tasks to be done at home.

Unfortunately, because of lack of sex ed, most people approach us pretty late in the issue. We have seen a latency of anywhere between 6 months to 3 years. Because the problem becomes more complex with time, we request our clients to be patient with results. However effectiveness of our intervention plan is >90%

We live in a sex negative culture that conditions us to think that sex is something that one automatically knows and can do. However human sexuality is complex and multi-faceted. Our sexuality is just like our aadhaar card. Each person’s sexuality, their sexual desire, blocks, style is different. Sexuality also changes with age, and other factors like relationship quality, financial status, health, stress, abuse etc. making it more difficult to navigate. A coach is specialised in this study and hence can guide you. The Internet is information, not a solution!

We have a slider pricing scale, and have a panel of experts who offer services at a range of price points. The pricing depends on the level of experience and specialty of the expert. However we conduct internal training for our experts, service standardization, and customer feedback to ensure satisfactory quality of our services.

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