An intimate relationship is a huge and important part of our life and yet a relationship with your ‘significant other’ is littered with challenges. If you are or have been in a relationship, you know it right? And let me tell you, you are not alone. The couple rom-com that you see on Instagram is a partial truth. Relationship challenges are universal. Each and every couple faces challenges and conflicts in their relationship.


Because your partner is not YOU

The real relationship struggles couples face:

Emotional Incompatibility


  • Constant disagreements and fights
  • Insecurities, over possessiveness, jealousy, Trust issues
  • My partner is emotionally distant. I feel like speaking to a wall.
  • I am too giving and my partner takes me for granted.
  • I am too dependent and needy on my partner
  • I struggle to be assertive in the relationship
  • I don’t feel emotionally connected to my partner
  • I am afraid of losing my freedom if I get into a relationship

Sexual Incompatibility:

  • There’s no spice in the relationship
  • My sexual desire has gone. I don’t know how to get it back.
  • Mismatch in sexual drive of partners
  • Erection issues – while having sex I lose erection
  • Sex feels like a duty
  • I am not sexually attracted to my partner

Intellectual Incompatibility

  • We have no interests in common
  • We are two different people; personality mismatch
  • I cannot have deeper conversations with my partner
  • Our life goals, career goals are different

Sexual Intimacy Challenges

Couples also face issues in the intimate part of their relationship. One person wants sex more while the other person is thinks ‘what the heck’. Sexual inhibitions make it difficult for partners to explore and often couples settle for a routine, vanilla kind of sex making it utterly frustrating for the more exploratory partner. Worst, sex takes a total backseat with one person having no desire and other desperately seeking for it.

But just like a diamond is created from coal when polished with right technique

A relationship challenge is a frontier for growth and intimacy if handled the right way!

But How Do We Do That?

Maybe you didn’t have parents that had a healthy relationship. Implicitly or explicitly, we have learnt about relationships from our own homes. The gender roles of our parents, how they treat each other, how they care for each other, how they argue with each other, etc. are inadvertently embedded in us. Or you have learnt about relationships from movies or TV shows or books, which is highly romanticised and unreal.

That becomes our relationship template.

But what works for your parents might not work for you and your partner, because times have changed and we are real people with real quirks, not scripted actors.

It's time to create the intimate relationship you desire!

That is why we have created this course

Carefully curated by PALLAVI BARNWAL, a certified sexuality educator and intimacy coach, who has helped hundreds of couples navigate their challenges by addressing their relationships, past trauma and family history, and equipping them with the relationship awareness tools and skills to improve their intimacy.

With multiple certifications and extensive training, she has provided quality service to couples across the globe. She often collaborates with mental health professionals, medical professionals, and sexologists to provide a holistic and well-rounded service to her clients. She is a TEDx speaker and her work has been featured in leading media like – Huffington Post, BBC, India Today, TOI, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, Vice, Vogue etc.

Her mission is to equip people with relationship skills and sex positive education and help them experience intimate wellbeing.

Learn how to heal your past, communicate your needs, and build an intimate relationship that can grow with you!

In this course we will focus on three major areas which will create a lasting change in your relationships.

We begin with Emotional Intimacy. How to build a foundation of safety, trust, authenticity, and connection. This section leads couples through communication exercises to cultivate a culture of generosity, vulnerability, and reciprocity, all of which are important antidotes to emotional withdrawal and resentment. 

You will learn how to create a vision board for your relationship, one that evolves as you and your partner change, how to approach matters where logic is needed without getting immersed in an emotional soup. How to use mindfulness to foster better connection with your partner.

Sexual intimacy is much more than intercourse. Often couples get stuck in a predictable dynamic of foreplay-intercourse-orgasm and create unrealistic expectations and pressures that affect their sexual relationship. In this section, you will handle anxiety related to sex, learn how to tap in the sensual pleasure  and increase your options to physically pleasure one another. We also learn the art of flirting, sexual fantasies, and erotic activities.

This course will help you not only to understand your partner, but also understand yourself better. We will only be happier people if we are more aware of our own personality patterns and internal mechanisms, what resources and baggages we bring to the table in our relationship.

Sneak Peak into Roadmap of Relationship


  • My story – I have been where you are
  • Understanding you and your partner’s love blueprint – anxious, avoidant, secure
  • Unlearning the old dysfunctional patterns of relating and learning newer healthy behaviours
  • How to move from an insecure attachment to a secure attachment
  • How to navigate communication potholes and build communication bridges
  • Handling disappointment, difference, and frustration in a way that conflict becomes a gateway to deeper intimacy.
  • Create healthy boundaries so you can come together without losing yourselves, and manage your differences healthily.
  • Rekindle sexual desire and overcome barriers to your free sexual expression
  • Discover your sexual turn-ons, turn-offs to go from no sex to lots of sex
  • Learn how to face sexual challenges with courage, empathy and creativity to explore newer ways of lovemaking and staying physically connected with your partner
  • Sensate focus exercises and tools for intimate touch

Learn how to build a strong foundation for a flourishing intimate relationship.

What you will takeaway with this ecourse

  • Get the tools for better communication 
  • Be more comfortable in sexual intimacy with your partner
  • Understand your partner better
  • Heal the past baggage and start afresh
  • Build stronger emotional connection with your partner
  • Approach conflict as a team and not on opposing sides
  • Have more fulfilling, diverse, and pleasurable sexual experiences with your partner
Course Features
Online medium
take lessons from the privacy of your home, anytime, anywhere
Love rituals to bring openness and closeness in your relationship
Relaxation exercises to calm your nervous system during heightened conflict
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Start the journey to grow your relationship emotionally, intellectually, and sexually.