Let’s get Cliterate!


The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.  Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues “I was 15, bed-ridden, recovering from a long illness just before my 10th boards and that is when I was introduced to my clitoris during self-pleasuring, only I didn’t know what it was […]

You are Orgasm!


For a long time I believed that orgasm is a sharp, quick, and intensely pleasurable sensation in the genitals. I also relied on hearsay that women make loud sounds in the throes of orgasm. Being a genteel woman, somehow I could never come to terms with this concept of hard-hitting orgasm. I tried to fit […]

Incomplete is complete

The Wet Body

What started with simple and casual friendship over the phone, turned into an intense attraction and grew over us with time. A progressive and ambitious man fell for my ‘independence’ and dreams and I found myself happy in his simplicity and rawness. Well! Independence in the sense that I was single at 38, left my […]

My First Soulgasm

I didn’t enter into my twenties alone. I entered them with my best friend turned lover who lived more than 2000 kilometres away. We would be on the phone all night long, talking and longing for each other. I used to wait for his yearly visits to his home – the city where I lived. […]

Now I Know that Arousal Differs for Men and Women

In 2016, I was on a dating spree with married men. Wives beware ;-). Well, what I gauged from those men during those affairs was a need to get spice and eroticism in their otherwise comfortable but boring sex life. Almost in each relationship I had, the common premise was high sexual libido that a […]

When She Pleasured Her Body

Woman's Breasts

“I’m penning this from the experience of my friend, who found that her body talks to her. Yes, our bodies talk to, only when we listen to it. She listened to her body through her hands, exploring it with patience, she gave her body all that was pure pleasure. She owned her pleasure!” Today, I […]

My Orgasm, I’m Waiting For You

Waiting for Multiple Orgasm

It sounds little weird for me, a sex educator to say this. For me, orgasm is more of a word than an experience. I was talking to a man friend and he joked about this, sighting my ignorance and lack of experience on multiple orgasm, that only a woman can have multiple orgasm. ‘May be […]

To the women in Mumbai Chawl Who cannot Moan

It had been 6 months I last vacationed and the traveler in me had become impatient. So a sudden trip was planned on a shoestring budget and the four of us took off to Nainital. My mother cannot walk much and I felt it unfair to leave her alone in the house. So we booked […]