Our Sexual Memories

Sexual Memories

He surely knows how to keep me glued to him. Half an hour back as we were returning late night from a meeting to home; we overheard autorickshaw drivers calling out commuters to a distant location. I have a small flat in that location that is now put on rent. I signaled this to the […]

On Fantasizing About Other People During Sex

Our Dark Fantasies

Is it normal? And could it actually spice up your sex life? “It’s a common story that most couples go through. That business about “love everlasting” is a myth that ends after we get married. Very few couples can sustain monogamy within marriage and have orgasms. If fantasizing someone else helps, then go for it.” […]

Do you Jerk off ? Of course I do

When I was 13 years old, I was in class 7th. I sat with a boy who was dirty in his mind. This is not what I thought about him but other kids told me so. They also warned me to be beware of him. One day, this dirty boy asked me whether I shake […]